On June 15th, QUEEN STORY Kunstoli Korea women's clothing was photographed in the 2012 autumn and winter clothes at Changyu Aifeibao Chateau in Miyun, and it has achieved quite stunning visual results, followed by 2012. Kun Si Duo Li new fall winter clothes prelude.

The autumn and winter filming was carefully planned and organized. It took a month from the previous model selection and location screening, to the mid-term selection of styles, and the scheduling and staffing of the shooting day. On the day of the filming, under the leadership of Ms. Nan Lihua, the head of Product Center of QUEEN STORY China, the crew of 13 people set off from Beijing to the European-style town of Zhangyu Aifeibao at 3:00 in the morning and experienced a full day of compactness but no shortage of them. With a relaxed and comfortable shooting process, Kunstoli's symbolizes the legend of the Queen and fashion sets the fashion elements of the Eurasian style, emphasizing the grace and dignity of the fashion woman. The Queen's breath revealed in the Kunstotori and the richness of the Ai Feibao. The European-style townscapes complement each other, and fashion is also perfectly presented in the tension of foreign models. The town is lined with the queen and the queen is the town.

Kunstoli believes that every woman is a queen. Women must become strong in life. For a more active pursuit of life, ideals, and beauty, Khonsdori’s costumes make women more confident and more sultry. With noble temperament, let the taste of women enjoy fashion and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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