Abstract: The goods in the supermarket are dazzling, even the quilt is getting more and more varied, four holes, seven holes, nine holes are ... people can not choose, then you may wish to listen to the advice of the Golden Sun bedding expert.

Keywords: quilt selection, breathable gold, sun

Gold sun bedding experts pointed out that buying chemical fiber is not the same as cotton, do not have to look at the weight, usually around three pounds. The standard for purchasing seven-hole quilts is divided according to season: winter is generally applied to indoor temperature at 4-12 °C, spring and autumn is applied at 12-22 °C, and air-conditioning is suitable for above 22 °C. “The quality and price of the four holes produced by different manufacturers are very different. Therefore, if you want to buy a satisfactory quilt, you must first look at the brand. If you buy a seven-hole quilt, you should buy a quilt with a 100% stomata cotton content. ."

After reading the content, look at the face. Look at the quilt is not cotton, the fabric is tight, the fabric is tight to ensure that the chemical fiber filler in the quilt is not exposed. At the same time, touch it by hand, whether the quilt is very soft and smooth. The good quilt feels smooth, and when it is released, it will naturally return to its original state. If it feels a bit sticky, it means that the filler is not 100% fiber, or the quality of the fiber is poor.

Then tiling the quilt to see if the whole is flat and the thickness is even, especially if the four sides of the quilt are natural and straight. After the overall review, do not ignore the seams and stitches, because the good quilt is straight and the stitches are the same. Experts especially reminded, "First look at the seams straight and not straight, then look at the unevenness of the line, it is best to compare the amount of hands, look at the length of the tiger's mouth, a few needles, then change the amount of contrast, see if the number of stitches is the same ."

In fact, the four-hole quilt, the seven-hole quilt and the nine-hole quilt are basically the same in principle, but the seven-hole quilt and the nine-hole are technically more mature, the comfort and the bulkiness are higher, but the price is more expensive.

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