Soft towels do not necessarily represent good quality towels.

When many companies make towels, they use a synthetic process of cotton and fiber, which is generally viscose. After using viscose, the company feels the towel is very soft, but it seriously affects the water absorption.

If you see 100% cotton (PK) on the label, then you should know that this is also synthesis. After you buy it and take it home, you can check if the fabric of the towel has a synthetic thread.

We can do an experiment. About 5 ml of water is poured onto the surface of the glass and the surface of the glass is wiped with a towel. If there is water on the surface of the glass after wiping, it means that the towel is not pure cotton.

In general, the towel life is within three years, depending on the density of the towel. The density of the towel should not be less than 450 grams.

Towels are generally not marked with density indicators.

People can use other indicators to determine the towel density. For example, a 70 x 140 cm towel, if weighed at 490 grams, has a density of about 500 g/m2.

The length of the fluff of the towel should not exceed 8 mm and should not be shorter than 3.5 mm.

why? The long-fluff towel looks good and feels high in density, but once it's washed, it's easy to see how the towel looks old. It is too short to absorb water well, and feels hard and uncomfortable when rubbing the skin with a short fleece towel. Therefore, the optimum length of the towel fluff is 5 mm, and towels produced according to this standard are more durable.

This kind of warmth-keeping type is mainly for the long-term winter wear in the alpine areas or the colder Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Usually, it uses a very thick, completely wind-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant outer material + a lot of velvet and duck down. It has a relatively large self-weight, and generally belongs to the extended garment, so as to ensure that other warmth-keeping clothes can be easily put on inside.

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