Wearing summer clothes naturally want to wear cool and healthy, so the choice of material is very important.

Weng Xiaoming, Senior Engineer, Quality Assurance Department, China Textile Academy: In general, natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and hemp are the best summer clothes. Among them, silky silk has the best skin-friendly properties, and high-grade clothes are made of silk, which is both comfortable and beautiful.

There are many levels of cotton and linen in terms of quality. Even if they have the same source of raw materials, if the yarn has different twists and weaves are different, it can affect the texture of the clothes.

The development of modern textile technology has not only made natural fibers the darling of summer, but some of the improved chemical fiber materials have also changed the airtight, stuffy, and hot air. Their breathable, moisture-absorbing and perspiration functions are not inferior to silk, hemp, and cotton. The most important thing is that these synthetic fibers not only do not wear hot stuff, but also can be thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. It is convenient and not deformed.

As one of the important raw materials in apparel, linen has been highly valued by consumers for thousands of years and is known for its closeness to nature, environmental protection, health, and other excellent qualities. Rooted in its own high value of green medicine and health and environmental protection, the blood of the millennium civilization, the integration of cutting-edge technology, and the achievement of the international professional brand value of linen clothing. We need to create domestic linen apparel at all levels and fully satisfy consumers at home and abroad. With the development of flax garments in every family, the concept of flax culture represented by the “Leave linen into the homes of ordinary people” represented by Mayifang, which is a healthy, natural, harmonious and comfortable achievement, is also widely circulated.

From the town of linen, Zhenze Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, after more than 20 years, it has bred the Xinshin Group, the leader in the domestic and international flax industry. For more than 20 years, Xinshen Group has established itself as a company with superior resources: the top raw materials from France and Belgium, blending Italian fashion aesthetic elements, inheriting European international advanced hemp spinning technology, and complying with strict international standards, introducing linen suitable for Chinese people. Clothing brand - Ma Yifang. Whether it is ISO certification, or a series of awards such as “China Top Brand Products”, “China's Top Ten Linen Enterprises”, “China's Popular Fabrics Finalists” and “China's Top 500 Competitive Enterprises in Textile and Apparel Industry”, the achievements of the linen family in China Rise of the imprint. With a kind of "universal" flax sensation, "Ma yifang" promotes the flax civilization to the masses, embellishing things quietly into the healthy life of the people.

So how do you judge what fabrics you want to buy? In fact, it is very simple, mainly to see the ingredients. Clothing that is not marked or marked with no ingredients is not considered. If there are markers, silk, hemp, and cotton needless to say, there are a few terms to be remembered in order to identify new types of synthetic fibers, such as new solvent-based fibers, Tencel, and regenerated cellulose fibers. These have been improved. Chemical fiber, made of clothing very strong permeability.

In addition, from the perspective of the appearance and structure of the fabric, the lighter and thinner the fabric is, the cooler and faster the fabric is, but there are some elastic fibers, such as chemical fiber and spandex, although it is also light and thin, but because it is not improved chemical fiber, Poor permeability, a sweating clothes will stick to the body, should pay attention to distinguish when buying.

If you want to wear cool in summer, you must also consider the “suction” and “blast” effects inside the clothes. The clothes should be loosened, especially the collars, sleeves, trousers, and other openings should be made open, jeans and tights. Not suitable for summer wear. Flared skirts and dresses can produce a greater blast effect when moving around, so they can be worn cooler than suit skirts.

Some people think that the less the dress is, the cooler it is. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Studies have shown that barefoot can only increase the skin's radiation and conduction heat dissipation when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature. On the day of the summer heat, the temperature generally approaches or exceeds 37°C. The skin not only cannot dissipate heat but will be absorbed from the external environment. Heat and therefore barefoot feels hotter.

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