Wanchun cowboy will be grandly opened in Guangxi Merchants Association on July 25, wealth is about to come to Nanning, Guangxi. Now popular brand Wanchun cowboy had to rely on the price of high-quality hole jeans series successfully reversed the financial situation for two consecutive years of embarrassment, and if you are still wearing those heavy denim summer with heavy rock flavor, then you neither Get demeanor, but also sacrificed the temperature. Lightweight and comfortable, light and gentle light cowboy is necessary this summer. Wan pure denim trend is a well-deserved star, wearing it this season's flagship washed thin wide leg jeans boarded the advertising blockbuster. In the show floor, a cotton fabric denim washed washed color low crotch crotch denim skirt pants and thin denim jumpsuit with fringed jumpsuit, have demonstrated the main theme of this season is the pursuit of light and sexy. From the style point of view, this year's hot cowboy section is very rich, there are hot for many years, pencil jeans, jeans, wide leg jeans can see the figure, denim hot pants appearance is still high, but there are some denim skirt champion , Except that they are thinner or lighter in color. Cowboy crotch skirts and denim vest has become the most popular single product, the former collection of elegant, sexy, retro several major characteristics, while the latter is in the summer achievement level mix and match the most practical single product. Wide leg pants can be denim with high heels to achieve the effect of stretching the lower body, but also roll up the legs with flat shoes highlight the ankle slender. Compared to a few quarters heated Wan Chun jeans, this jeans more feminine, more comfortable. Pale light denim wave by a bunch of models and fashion editorial blowing in the show's background or wait and see the field, light jeans as if the model's latest label. Whether it is the Russian supermodel Anna J, or Isabeli Fontana are all kinds of street full of holes and dyeing effect of light-colored jeans, and short-sleeved suits, denim vest and indispensable high-heeled shoes with. Official website http://

Uniform fabrics are specially designed for the needs of workers.It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical injury and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on.The composition usually is 100% cotton,100% polyester,cotton/polyester blended,cotton/polyamide blended.

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