BC VOGA A fashion brand named after the vodka wine known as "The Water of Life" is a miraculous country with a romantic atmosphere. The stirring notes walk on the curve of the melody, Sometimes quiet, sometimes crazy.


Designers are inspired by the design philosophy of vodka wine, extending from the appearance of wine to create a permanent fashion; from the wine's intriguing and creative fashion women's. Can be violently gentle, can be sexy anger, you can arrogantly glamorous, in the nature of the stage to find the real world of mine.

BC VOGA women to create a classic, stylish, dynamic, intoxicating charm. She likes to promote her personality, more freedom, more independence and more fashion. But did not show off, no exaggeration. Avant-garde style, soft appearance, lines clear, consistent with the modern variety of urban women, according to their own needs, imagination, with the casual mix of urban women to fully reflect the self-personality.

B.C.OVGA女装 用时尚魅惑传递女性的激情

BCOVGA women's fashion, with simple, natural, generous, classic and timeless black, white, gray as the main color, combined with the seasonal fashion color. With abstract imagination and creativity, created by the fashion brand women . Fashion factor infiltration of every corner of life, everywhere.

Black - mysterious, white - simple, gray - no pure white, no golden glory, no black cool, gray, is the world's all things.

Combine art with fashion

Art as a soul

Think of fashion as a flesh

Sexy - the natural charm of women, it is irresistible

Charming - exudes the mysterious elegance, tenderness femininity

Confidence - using the fashion charm to pass the passion of women

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