When the summer is coming, is there a lot of mosquitoes that are bothering you? Innoya Friendly Tips: Here are a few ways to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family.

Mosquito coil

Innoya teaches you several ways to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquito coil is the oldest natural drug repellent method. As early as the Southern Song Dynasty, there were mosquito repellent sticks made of traditional Chinese medicine. The active ingredient in modern mosquito coils is pyrethrin, which has the effect of killing mosquitoes. After the mosquito coils are ignited, the pyrethroids in the mosquito coils evaporate with the smoke and spread in the air in the room, causing the nerves of the mosquitoes to paralyze, so that the mosquitoes or the ground fall to death, or run away, thus playing a role in repelling mosquitoes. Pyrethroids can be eliminated from the body by metabolism, which is not harmful to humans. However, some inferior mosquito-repellent incense, in addition to pyrethrins, also contains hexamethylene powder, realgar powder, etc., these substances are toxic or even carcinogenic to human body. Therefore, mosquito coils are best used outdoors, such as around the home, at the door or in the air. The mosquito coils are ignited before dark in the evening, and the mosquito repellent effect is best.

Anti-mosquito solution

Innoya teaches you several ways to keep mosquitoes away

Also known as mosquito repellent, it is mainly used for people who go out or work in the field. The main component of the anti-mosquito solution is DEET. It is said that smeared mosquito repellent can prevent 99.9% of mosquito bites in 6-8 hours. The principle is that the drug acts directly on the mosquito's tactile organs and chemoreceptors, thus driving away the mosquitoes. Baby application is easy to mistaken for food poisoning, it is best not to use. When spraying anti-mosquito, avoid spilling directly on the wound or on the skin that has rash. It can be sprayed on the hands first, then applied to the exposed parts of the body one by one, which is a little troublesome to use.

Mosquito aerosol

Innoya teaches you several ways to keep mosquitoes away

It is an insecticide whose main chemical component is a substance called propifen. Mosquitoes mostly like to hide in dark and humid places, spraying during the day against stairwells, under the sink, gutters, baths, cabinets, under the table. Use old boxes or buckets, put some rags inside, and arrange them into a dark and damp "artificial trap." During the day, the mosquitoes fly in and rest, spray a few insecticides inside, and you can easily kill mosquitoes. This is anti-mosquito. Expert tricks. Mastering the time, place and amount of anti-mosquito is the key. If the pesticide does not need too much, the effect can be achieved. Not only is it wasteful, but it also increases pollution.

mosquito net

Innoya teaches you several ways to keep mosquitoes away

The advantages of using mosquito nets are obvious. They can both prevent mosquitoes and wind, absorb dust and filter air, and are especially suitable for children. However, the use of mosquito nets is more troublesome and the nets are more sultry.

Toilet water

Innoya teaches you several ways to keep mosquitoes away

In addition to the mosquito repellent effect, some of the "six gods liquid" containing herbal ingredients in the toilet water have functions such as coolness, phlegm and heat in the summer, which can be described as "a multi-purpose", especially suitable for children.

In fact, there are air conditioners in the summer. Generally, there will be no mosquitoes when the air conditioner is turned low before going to bed. There are also many ways to repel mosquitoes, and it is up to everyone to discover.

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