Haijia Shi brand discount women , designed for fashion, elegant taste of 20 to 45-year-old modern urban women and create pure and elegant natural color, choose fine, gentle texture of fine fabrics, with informal three-dimensional cut Style, to wash the lines, the unique details of treatment, emphasizing the perfect form and effect of a perfect unity, to convey a vivid and simple, elegant style of design concepts, with creative ideas, to interpret the concept of style to lead, express the wisdom of urban women , The beautiful side ......


Join advantage

• Safe supply, the company with many well-known brand apparel manufacturers to establish long-term brand agency and hosting partnerships, professional management of various orders Weihuo, planning stock and foreign trade boutique clothing. First-class brand of clothing gathered: the convergence of Hangzhou School of Wings (Hangzhou), Wimbledon (Wenzhou), Supai (Jiangsu), Han faction (Wuhan), Guangdong faction (Guangdong), Fujian faction (Shanghai) Eight genres brand apparel goods, a full range of styles thousands.

• Fast product update speed, strong ability to supply, to ensure timely and efficient high-quality supply of goods.

• To provide quality and efficient management training: staff, sales, display, after-sales service.

• No one-stop intermediate supply, all products are available at 1.5%, to ensure that dealers 100% to 300% of sales profits.

• All franchised stores are mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial cooperation. The free distribution and exchange of goods between franchisees and franchisees can be achieved in order to achieve the safe, efficient and economical operation of economy, achieving mutual benefits and mutual benefits.

• Cooperate with the standard brand image to provide a unified storefront VI decoration design and complimentary full set of value management appliances;

• provide advice, guidance and training, and assist franchisees in local market analysis, investment planning and shop location;

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