I am an 80-year-old Korean girl living in a county in the northeast. Due to the poor economic conditions of her family, I started my business more hardship and hardship than others, but I never gave up my dream. Along the way, though the entrepreneurial power is full of hardships and frustrations, but now I finally succeeded, becoming nearly a million annual income of entrepreneurs.

After I graduated from college, I decided to start my own business after two years of working life. Because, after all, to others to work, every day to look at the face of others act, and sometimes a few months to pay a salary to help the boss make a lot of money to make a living, but they are living a tight life, it is not unwilling. After some thoughtful consideration, I chose to start my own business. Although I knew it was not smooth, I still insisted on doing nothing.


The first venture, I opened a toy store, due to the location a bit biased, plus I will not do sales, there is no experience in business, maintained for more than a year and finally could not hold on, not only did not make a point Money, but also the parents borrowed money from their relatives borrowed 40,000 yuan all lost into it. Although the loss was miserable, but I still did not give up, continue to study for my business projects.

The second venture is to open a hotel with her boyfriend is a boyfriend investment, although her boyfriend has some experience, but because of the small town of consumption is not high, coupled with the fierce competition in the restaurant industry, so the loss of small store operations Two years later, I had to close the door. I failed to start two business once lost confidence, but I quickly cheer up, I do not believe my ability worse than who, but did not choose a good project Bale.

In a chance, from the Internet to see a news, probably a woman in Zhejiang more than 40 years old, joined Love yarn baby brand underwear more than one million annual revenue, even with 3 stores, single store turnover of more than 300 Wan, see these attractive words, I am surprised and happy! Oh, this is not exactly what I am looking for? As a woman, I am still familiar with what women use. In addition, Love Baby is free to join a small entrepreneur like me who lacks funds.

In our local underwear market conducted a number of inspection, I am more determined to join Love yarn brand baby's confidence. Through the inspection found that we have no love yarn baby underwear brand, like love yarn baby such a good fabric, cutting science, design trendy conditioning underwear in our local can be sold between 300-500 yuan, and love yarn baby Underwear price positioning 138-598 yuan, very advantageous. In addition, love yarn baby one-stop guide to join, franchisee shop worry-free. In this way, with the help of Love yarn Baby joined the headquarters, my underwear shop in March 2011 is the opening. Because of my shop decoration elegant and warm, especially the design of the dressing room is unique and tasteful, with my own warm and thoughtful service and Love yarn to join the headquarters to help me plan monthly promotional activities, so my underwear shop always Attracted a lot of young girls spending in the shop after 2 months of growing popularity, especially on weekends, I am busy even have no time to eat, then simply hired 2 clerk to help me sellers. Now opened a year and 4 months, and inventory income, or quite excited, actually earned nearly 1 million!

This is already a very good business in an economically underdeveloped area of ​​ours and I am also very satisfied. Sometimes I feel like a dream. Right now, my parents say, how do I feel that I'm not right? You're really not that rich at the age of 30? Even if I bought a house, bought a car, parents still do not believe, they think you 80 years old, how can make so much money.

To sum up, I think my entrepreneurial experience is not mysterious, and now write it out to share with you. First, we must select the project, which is the key to success; the second is to choose their own or their own familiar with the industry, identify their own products and the industry What is the difference; Third, integrity management. When making the first transaction with the customer, your attitude to the customer determines whether she will visit your shop again in the future. Therefore, it is important to be patient and meticulous, warm and courteous, civilized and polite, and smiling. Fourth, the mentality is better. The beginning of the business, not as customers want to win the door, immediately profit, it takes a process. Therefore, we must have a good attitude. If we are not able to do business well, we will be discouraged, and we will not be able to do business if we are too confident and vowed to make a big profit. This is not the case.

Heaven and Earth turn, time and force, one thousand years long fight for the day and night, hope and I am not willing to work hard life to others sisters do not hesitate, choose the project, as soon as possible to create rich road.

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