Pacific Wings Fashion Womens Ltd. is a subordinate subsidiary of Pacific Investment Group, Pacific bird Womens is its flagship brand, the company was formally established in September 2001, to design and development and management of Pacific casual fashion series of women-based mainly to guide the consumer trendy Fashion pioneer, particularly rich product design and development, global business ideas and store image, making it the first brand of OFFICE casual fashion women.


Pacific bird brand apparel has been ranked in the national apparel industry sales revenue and profits double hundred units since 2000, the Group topped Ningbo top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province top 100 private enterprises, the list of the top 500 private enterprises, "Pacific Bird brand" also Has been awarded "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Brand" and other honorary titles. In 2009, the Group realized operating income of 3.96 billion yuan, ranking the top 10 in the national garment enterprises.

Wanda clothing brand "advocate the concept of fashion, lead the fashion lifestyle," the corporate mission, firmly grasp the main trend of fashion development, determined to be "Pacific peace" to create "China's first fashion brand," and the internationally renowned large-scale fashion industry groups and China Of the world brand for the long-term vision of the enterprise, a banner of the Chinese mass fashion industry.

太平鸟女装 倡导时尚理念、引领时尚生活

Wanda bird design team to absorb the global advanced fashion ideas, capture the international pop elements, and gradually form a unique fashion features and innovative ideas Collection, Trendy, Jeans, Le-cho product line. To "fashion, comfort, sincerity, professional and efficient" operational services leading edge, the product has won the majority of the target consumer groups of all ages.

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