As the two of the Korean dramas prevailed in China this year, Korean models are also favored by young women. Followed by the arrival of the Korean wave of Korean women also quickly received enthusiastic insiders consumers. For a time, the domestic set off a wave of Korean clothing style.

Today, go to the streets, without exception, are an assortment of Han Chao apparel-based hit, undisputed Korean clothing has become the choice of many fashion people. However, due to consumers fanatical pursuit of the Korean wave clothing, making more and more people stationed in the Korean wave clothing market.

But now the clothing e-commerce market quite a mixed bag, good and bad, "How can I buy authentic Korean fashion?" Has become a problem many Korean fans have become like. Recently, the reporter was informed that the flagship South Korean fashion style authentic Korean fashion brand Jisi beauty (JSM) plans to add brand flagship store in China.

Internationally renowned designer personally fencing design

It is understood that the Jisi beautiful women in Shenzhen Jisi US e-commerce Co., Ltd. established independent apparel brands , mainly engaged in women's dresses online sales.

Since last month, JSM successfully settled in more than a dozen online shopping platforms such as Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall, Joyo Mall, Ymall Mall, Cathay Web, Vipshop and so on, not only has been immediately favored by urban fashion women and sought after , But also by the industry generally recognized and praised.

JSM jasmine English abbreviation, the Chinese meaning of jasmine. Jasmine fragrant fresh, elegant, meaning the beauty of oriental women. JSM, inspired by South Korean fashion trends, is not tied to Korean native style and incorporates more elements of Chinese culture to make JSM more international, free, smart and stylish, and to highlight the unique charm of oriental women. .

As a rising star, Jisi beauty ladies can get everyone's favorite, can not do without Jisi's chief designer Anita's well-designed. It is understood that Anita was born in Seoul, Korea, since childhood, she loved painting art, she graduated from the High School of Art and Design after graduating from her career and won several international and world-class design awards. Anita designed clothing style unique, free fashion, simple and agile, by Oriental women of all ages.

Jimmy Women positioning "close to the woman's heart"

Jisi United States (JSM) well aware of the fashion needs of the fashion crowd, product positioning and market positioning clear, product updates fast, the price is reasonable. This allows the pursuit of fashionable people get together to buy. In addition, JSM is committed to the global fashion apparel promotion, dissemination of its unique personality and tasteful fashion charisma, focused on more personality, fashion, more taste of the dressing concept, and "create beautiful, spread Fashion "as a brand purpose.

JSM Women will buy APPLE, like Starbucks, pay attention to fashion, fashion, like to make friends, full of confidence 25-38-year-old urban fashion women with a certain economic strength as the target consumer groups. And focus on the quality of life for this group, every fashion dress has strict requirements, and strive to convey a different temperament features the introduction of Wannabe girl and Lux ​​girl two series of Korean tide clothing.

"Last month I saw in the Lynx mall Jisi official flagship store, holding the mood to try to buy a skirt, the result received a special favorite, the skirt is particularly beautiful. And clothes of good quality, but also genuine, price And fair, really cheap. I also introduced a lot of friends with this site yet. "Net purchase of people Miss Yan said.

There is such a saying in "I Know a Woman's Heart", starring Andy Lau and Gong Li: "Now it is a woman's society. If you do not have a good understanding of a woman company you can not compete! Understand a woman's mind, cater to the contemporary women's demand for fashion clothing.

From another perspective, for the electricity supplier, the fashion fun to play through fine play, is the real king!

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