Not long ago, China Textile Information Center, the National Textile Products Development Center, together with China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, China National Garment Association and China Association of Home Textiles Industry, Jiangsu Xiake Green Color Textile Co., Ltd., Connaught Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd., Enterprise Co., Ltd. and other 20 companies initiated the establishment of "China Green Dyeless Textile Innovation Alliance", "fiber liquid coloring" and other technologies because of its green and the industry has been valued. Around the current status of the technology and follow-up alliance planning, the reporter and the Union's chief person in charge of the National Textile Development Center Technical Director Chen Baojian launched from the dialogue. Improve the quality of masterbatch is a breakthrough Reporter: Please briefly introduce the development of liquid coloring technology status quo? Chen Baojian: "Stock Coloring" refers to the polyester melt (or slice) before entering the spinning box, after injection of dried, melted, filtered, measured pigment (masterbatch), together with the polyester melt High-efficient static mixer fully and evenly mixed together into the spinning box for spinning. In the melt spinning process, does not produce wastewater, is an anhydrous dyeing process. Dyeing technology is a mature liquid technology, and dyeing and finishing process complement each other. Liquid coloring process has the advantages of cleaner production, energy saving and emission reduction, but also has defects, such as high temperature resistant colorant varieties, incomplete color, add color masterbatch cause instability and other fiber production process. China from the early 70s of last century on the viscose fiber, vinylon liquid stain, nearly 10 years developed a polypropylene fiber eye liquid dyeing, from the beginning of the 1980s the introduction of spinning before the colored polyester fiber production technology, Has been widely used in industrial applications. In recent years, due to the pre-spinning coloring technology has obvious advantages in saving energy and reducing waste. In today's increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements more realistic use value, good prospects for development. Reporter: The formation of "China Green Dyeless Textile Innovation Alliance," the development of liquid coloring technology, which value the technology which can tap the potential? Chen Baojian: As the liquid coloring fiber in the fiber spinning process, by adding online masterbatch for fiber coloring, pollution-free production process, to achieve a cleaner production, the use of liquid raw fiber directly to produce finished fabric fabric, printing and dyeing directly to reduce the link, Reduce the environmental pollution caused by wastewater discharge, thus reducing the use of a large amount of energy, protecting the environment and reducing the production cost, and the color fastness of the fabric is good, including washing and rubbing fastness. Preliminary estimates, the production of plain fabric average cost savings of 5%, sports color bar fabric can save costs 19%. Such products, whether for the community, manufacturing enterprises, the use of business or consumers are very useful. Reporter: The bottleneck of the current technology where? What do you need to do if you want to make a breakthrough? Chen Baojian: High-quality masterbatch is the main bottleneck restricting the development and promotion of polyester raw liquid dyeing technology in our country. As chemical fiber production in the heat and chemical processes greatly restrict and restrict the development of masterbatch, and printing and dyeing, obviously chromatographic incomplete, not bright enough. The masterbatch consists of a colorant, a carrier, and a dispersant. The colorant can be roughly divided into dyes and pigments. The carrier has different choices depending on the type of fiber added. Therefore, breaking the bottleneck of high-quality masterbatch production should start from the following four aspects: First, the coloring agent, efforts to study high-performance dyes and pigments, especially the synthesis of high temperature dyes. The second is dispersant, through the air flow grinding and grinding technology, development and pigment size close to the dispersant. Third, the carrier, research and development of special resin to improve pigment synergies in the masterbatch and dispersion. Fourth, the establishment of high-quality masterbatch model production line to improve the mobility and dispersion of masterbatch. Upstream and downstream alliances core core strength Reporter: Can introduce the key enterprises involved in the Union, what are their advantages in this technology? Chen Baojian: "China Green Dyeless Textile Innovation Union" consists of 20 well-known enterprises such as masterbatch manufacturers, fiber manufacturers, fabric manufacturers and terminal apparel brands. Among them: Shandong days Connaught Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. for the masterbatch research and development enterprises, with nearly 13 years of chemical fiber raw liquid stain production history, the beginning of 2010, the company developed liquid stain performance superior to similar products imported from Japan, with sophisticated synthesis Reactors, of which automatic production line with an annual capacity of 200 tons. Jiangsu Xiake Environmental Color Spinning Co., Ltd. is a "national environmental protection color fiber product development base", focusing on the production of raw liquid colored fibers and yarns. The main products and capacities include 50,000t / a recycled colored polyester fiber production line, 200,000t / Year melt spinning liquid coloring polyester fiber production line, 200,000 tons / year non-dyeing color cotton configuration center and 400,000 ingot liquid colored yarn production line. In addition to pure polyester yarn, but also natural fiber and man-made fiber blended to achieve the complementary advantages of fiber, "harmony between man and nature." Developed CNCS color spinning special color card and practical color standard system jointly with China Fashion Color Association, providing a variety of options for downstream customers. Wuxi Constant Connaught Knitting Co., Ltd. as "national functional knitted fabrics development base" to the development, development, production and sale of various high-end sports fabric as the core, with excellent quality and strong strength, the company continued to grow and develop, Has become a collection of weaving, dyeing, printing in one, well-equipped, well-functioning, standardized management of the modern knitted fabrics company. As ADIDAS, MIZUNO, ASICS, ARENA, UMBRO, 361 and other famous sportswear brand fabric quality suppliers. Li Ning Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is China's well-known "gymnastics prince" Mr. Li Ning was founded in 1990, sporting goods company. After more than two decades of exploration, Li Ning Company has gradually become the representative of China, the leading international sports brand company. Reporter: In the form of a technology alliance, there are several examples before the National Textile and Apparel Development Center, such as the Tianyu Union and so on. Which successful experience do you think is worth learning from? Chen Baojian: "Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Textile Fabrics" is an innovative organizational form featuring enterprises with national textile product development bases as the main body and the promotion of textile fabrics industry innovation. The "Alliance" gives full play to the market-oriented advantages of statistical analysis of economic operation in the industry, product development and trend research, the advantages of the industrial chain in the creative design of materials for assembly, textile dyeing and finishing, and relying on the innovative advantages of base enterprise groups to speed up the formation of speed and cost Quality, style and high market-oriented integration of innovative strong, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the products of alliance enterprises. At present, we have successfully launched "Tianzhu Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance", "Haixing - Shuzuan Si TM Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance" and "Huafu Color Spinning Woven Fabric Product Development Technology Innovation Alliance". Through the effective operation of the "alliance", the Company has formulated the detailed research rules for the system product development plan and formulated a more comprehensive "agreement" for alliance members, clarifying the mutual division of labor and responsibilities, and improving the "alliance" product development process and product development Tools to improve work efficiency, a clear "Union" way of presenting results, improve the quality of operation. With the passage of time and the accumulation of work, these successful experiences will surely play a positive role in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the "alliance" in the future. Work around the needs of the terminal Reporter: You put forward the solution of coloring the product development of the top ten solutions, you conceive of this program is based on what? Chen Baojian: First, carry out the "liquid colored textile products," the terminal application of research, starting from the economic development trajectory affecting consumption patterns, combined with trends and technological trends, with the downstream key product development enterprises, partners and apparel terminal brands to carry out full communication and Exchange, accurate positioning of product development and product applications. The second is based on the characteristics of the liquid colored fiber, yarn characteristics, combined with pre-trial cost of product development, product design to determine the optimal program to further determine the yarn mixed fiber, fabric color, color, style, pattern and price positioning And other product development content, develop specific product development programs. Reporter: For the next step in the league's development, what are the details of the plan? Chen Baojian: First, actively carry out research on consumer demand and fashion trends of green non-dyed textiles, focus on the impact on environment, energy and resources during the product life cycle, and combine technological innovation and fashion ideas to guide product development, guide market consumption and advocate green living . Second, actively carry out the "masterbatch optimization and compounding", "online add and dye transfer process control" and "multi-fiber blending" and other key technologies research, formed in energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction, cleaner production Common aspects of technology. Third, the development of ultra-fine denier, super simulation, functional liquid coloring fiber, rich product color and variety, improve product performance and quality. We will jointly commit to the upstream and downstream businesses of "Green Non-Dyeing Textile" to enhance the sustainable development of the industry through the whole process of design, research and development, production, logistics, sales, recycling and reuse so as to jointly build a complete green supply chain. Industrial chain and green value chain.

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