Good investment projects? Together with the red bamboo brand women into Fortune Road, Hangzhou Boyi apparel is located in the beautiful scenery, red bamboo brand women gathered in the West Lake - Hangzhou! Company convenient transportation, west of Hangzhou Train Station, South Bus Station, and Hang Send brand women's base Sijiqing market only Qiantang River; east of Xiaoshan Airport, Xiaoshan bus station. Bo company after eleven years of brand clothing franchise industry capital accumulation of talent, with a highly experienced sales team and thousands of square meters of large-scale clothing exhibition hall.


Good investment projects? Hand in hand with the red bamboo brand women's wealth Fortune Road, the company's red bamboo brand women, located in the 18 to 35-year-old women in the high-end fashion clothing, and through the North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and many other well-known women's brand The joint cooperation, brought together. Include all the hot brands and styles, hundreds of styles in a single season, more than a thousand models, red bamboo brand women's price of 1 to 1.5 fold lower prices for customers to choose. 100% replacement rate.

携手红雨竹品牌女装 共同迈进财富路

Good investment projects? Hand in hand with the red bamboo brand women's wealth into Fortune Road, Bo Yi full Reddy Bamboo brand women's discount to create a domestic industry leader in women's clothing. Bo Arts focused on women, focus on discounts. Red bamboo women's brand is a low-risk, low investment, high return of a good project, it is worth your investment money project. Hong Yu bamboo brand women's advanced management system, excellent product quality and low-risk joining mode, it is your way to wealth dreams of a smooth road. Hand in hand red bamboo brand women, a total of progress, share the road to wealth.

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