All along, Ai music goods women [ ] customer-oriented, "ethnic, fashion, the future" as the emotional appeal, and constantly strengthen brand culture and product R & D design investment in the aesthetic art And the market demand to find a delicate balance between the realization of the T station gorgeous eye-catching and life of unlimited scenery, has created a very Chinese fashion characteristics of women's fashion trend, but also for their own won the recognition and respect within the scope of women's wear . Ai on the music women have a super fast design capability, timely and accurate judgment of changes in customer needs, to accurately grasp the core of the trend, represents the highest level of China's women's design.

Through the four-seasons product transformation strategy, Ai music products have been enhanced with product mix adjustment and brand optimization, constantly rejuvenating the brand's fashion vitality. For example, the trend of younger, better quality and fashion women in China, Womenswear brand owns and sells trademark rights in the Greater China region. In 2012 , it promoted women's wear based on youth, fashion and leisure.

However, in fact, the customer is not from the local, but the overall feel stores. How to store the first impression in the customer's mind through the store display is an important prerequisite for enhancing the customer loyalty by the fashion brand Aidi Le Fashion . It is from the business philosophy, market positioning, marketing planning, product organization, marketing technology, customer needs and market conditions and other factors combined to conduct a comprehensive planning.

In view of this, Ai Lele brand women's analysis of the characteristics of the market and consumer groups, decisively determine the hit "fashion" concept, all kinds of styles are always closely around the "fashion" style positioning. Ai music products on the music, both from the style, workmanship, or grasp of the details, have done almost perfect. Ai on the music brand women to join the shortest possible time quickly occupied the women's market, won a good reputation.

Ai music products know, an enterprise to obtain customer support, to win the trust of customers, we must through a variety of plot design, create a good store shopping atmosphere, so that enterprises in the eyes of customers leave a good impression. This not only allows customers to obtain over-delivery value, but also can have a good reputation in the loyal customer base to expand the visibility of the enterprise and establish a good corporate social image, but also enhance the corporate brand Competitiveness, so that enterprises can long-term access to and maintain competitive advantage in the market position.

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