Enchanting, desirable, a bit romantic but always elegant. Wanton fantasy and understand subtle.


Dongguan Mayfair Garment Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1998, the company is committed to leading the Chinese women's fashion trend, a strong R & D strength for our Chinese fashion to create the forward position, keen market sense of touch to make our style more easy life, Eclectic design techniques into the fold, split, lace and other fashion elements, subtle colors, introverted, elegant, Smart ----- let you enchantment, but also tend to delicate, graceful aesthetic appeal.

有点浪漫却永远优雅  可媚时尚女装

She is elegant and beautiful. She is simple and stylish. Nature and perfect blend. Her quest for beauty is almost paranoid, and at the same time it is a unity of opposites of functionality and decoration. . .

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