The Indian Central Institute of Leather Research (CLRI) and Footwear Design Development Association (FDDI) have announced that they will continue to invest in Ethiopian national leather production in the next three to five years.

The two major Indian government leather agencies have made arrangements with the Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Association (ELIDI). The two major Indian institutions will carry out technology transfer and help accelerate the slow growth in the export earnings of leather and leather products from East African countries.

During the half-day meeting held at the Sheraton Hotel in India, the directors of the Central Leather Research Association (CLRI) and the Footwear Design Development Association (FDDI) made a commitment to the Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Association (ELIDI) to provide all training and necessary training for Ethiopia. Support, making the country one of the top ten countries in the global footwear and leather manufacturing industry. At present, the Ethiopian country already has Africa's largest livestock herd.

Through the support and training provided by the Footwear Design and Development Association (FDDI) and the Central Leather Research Association (CLRI), the Indian leather industry has provided an opportunity for 3.5 million people to take up employment with an annual production value of US$3.4 billion.

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