Planning for nearly 2 months, a total investment of 5 million of the Company's largest children's clothing trading, research and development, exhibition center - Gray deer children's clothing store in Wuhu Branch of Anwei Province was completed and opened. At the same time, the Division's first professional children's clothing store to showcase the development of culture - Gray Deer Children's Museum also opened in this opening, marking the Division I formally have children's clothing display their charm of the international big stage. In this company, all adult members warmly congratulate Wuhu Branch was established! ! Gray deer will be caring for the "healthy growth of children" as the core concept, which guides the company's products and services excellence, the pursuit of perfection and constant innovation. Today, superior quality, unique colors, novel fabrics, fashion design, has become the general consumer "Gray Deer" brand awareness, and thus form the brand's unique charm, and advanced corporate culture and productivity, a huge outstanding Talent team, precipitation rich management experience for the company's sustainable development enter a steady stream of vitality. Gray Deer clothing has unparalleled influence at home and abroad, charisma and brand family brilliant background brand connotation. In a short period of five years of development, through five years of direct sales store operation to explore and summarize. The company has further great development. Directly throughout the shop opened nearly 300, 650 stores all over the country provinces and cities. The company has a unique charm of children's wear market, set a fairy tale children's clothing sector, for the future planning and brand strength to internationalization laid a good foundation. Here, congratulations to all franchise stores and outlets business is booming, family fun!

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