This site September 14 hearing, very early in the fall, with a variety of small suits return to the fashion stage. When small suits are paired with Shirts and trousers, they can look extremely capable and stylish. When paired with a dress, it can be styled and feminine. Dress up in the early fall and let small suits help you!

The temperament fresh suit jacket has excellent visual effect. The design of the waist belt can perfectly show the female figure. Lace edge highlights the sweet temperament. The waist type perfectly shows the advantages of the figure. Lace-side solid color vest, wearing a skirt, super temperament, is the OL love of clothing.

Slim short-sleeved suits, exquisite cutting, tough lines, highlights the atmosphere. The puff sleeves are designed to cover the flesh of the arms and are even thinner. Wearing a vest, wearing a cake skirt, changed the past a small suit able to feel, add a lot of sweet atmosphere.

This suit suit, sky blue is very fresh and delicate. Slim version of the model is even more prominent slim body, take a vest, but also with a vest is even more handsome style, skirt design is also very chic, the entire section reveals a deep elegance.

Light blue small suit, with the same color striped vest, wearing a skirt, the sweet temperament is full of doubt. Elegant and romantic shows the most charming atmosphere, people can not open their eyes, this match with the absolute autumn eye.

When the streets are full of flowers, to become the focus of this season, you should choose a small suit to match. Romantic style princess atmosphere, small V-neck and three-dimensional buttons make the small suit more design sense, pocket decoration increases the texture of the clothes. Classic black makes small suits not easily out of date.

Silky fabrics bring a new revolution in suits, allowing suits to enter more casual situations. Back level processing is thin and unique, so that wherever you go can be the focus. The epaulettes allow you to wear a sculpted body, double-breasted super love, orange-red especially for romantic girls, with a skirt to bring out a slim tall figure.

In the autumn, exquisite handsome suits can not be absent. Whether it is OL work squad, or street mix mash-ups, or star of the trend of cutting-edge, just wear an exquisite suit, you can wear out their strong Fashion gas field, can be used with striped vest skirt, will be elegant and sweet in one.

The simple suit with no collar and two buckles is the mainstream design direction for autumn fashion this season. Suits are usually designed as lapels, but this season's collarless suits have won the love of more hipsters. The collarless version is simple and elegant. Simple jeans, refreshing atmosphere, simple style.

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