August 11, 2011, Gray deer children's clothing brand settled in Changsha Century Jinyuan shop, grand opening! Elegant and comfortable children's clothing debut by the local children's keen love, opening day created a remarkable success. Gray deer children's clothing supply 3-15 year-old children's clothing products to children and children as the consumer object, located in various medium-sized cities in the high-income families. Gray deer brand children's clothing using Japanese original design techniques, while maintaining the simplicity, fashion, comfort, style of freedom at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of fabric and clothing details of the changes, it is necessary to enrich the heritage of Eastern culture, there are strong Japan and South Korea Modern sense. "Gray Deer" brand children's clothing is Dongguan City Pu Li Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand of children's wear, the company was founded in 2002 to set up a professional children's clothing manufacturers, has been 10 years of history, is a professional brand children's wear design , Production and sales company. At present, there are 20 functional departments including Production Department, Production Department, Photography Department, Marketing Department, Distribution Department, Customer Service Department, Logistics Department, QC Department, Technical Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Training Department and E-Commerce Department. The existing staff of nearly 1,000 people. In addition, a clothing design studio, clothing showroom, the image of stores, garment factories, provinces, municipal agencies and franchisees, formed a through-train business model. The company requires strict quality standards to the production of Happy Prince and other products, so selected fabrics, strict washing, wearing comfortable, committed to making every child a healthy and happy child; sales team for many years has always insisted pragmatic, Integrity, win-win sales philosophy, good service to every one of our customers. Celebrate the opening of the new company also witnessed the gray Deer brand children's clothing is a step by step growth and growth. Now all over the country to join outlets throughout the country, the branch has reached 451, all over the country thirty-two provinces and cities. Believe us to join the deer all the customers are the happiest as the company's growth we work together, I believe we are the best tomorrow.

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