The peak season for weddings Newcomers get together in 2011 and will enter the peak of marriage in the second half of the year. According to a cursory calculation, at least 30 marriage days from July to December exceeded 26 in the first half of the year. With the release of purchasing power from newcomers, it will push up the price of diamonds again.

In the peak of the wedding season, the price of diamond ring went up again and the spot 50 points. The diamond ring rose by 3,000 yuan in the first half of the month. The couple got married and gave a festive label for 2011. However, recently, the reporter learned that after the prices of gold and jade all went high, diamonds began to join the ranks of price risers.
"I didn't expect that, for half a month, the good diamond ring has gone up by nearly 3,000 yuan." Last weekend, a bunch of prospective couples planning to get married in August told reporters that they wanted to buy a 50-point diamond ring. Million yuan, originally wanted to wait and see if there is any activity in the mall, did not think of this, but rose by nearly 3,000 yuan.
The reporter saw in front of the diamond counters in some shopping malls that the current price of diamond rings on the market was the lowest around 10,000 yuan. In the past, it would have been almost impossible to spend five or six thousand yuan to buy a diamond ring.
Relevant data show that from December 31, 2010 half-year period on June 17, 2011, diamond prices rose 8 times. Up to now, the wholesale price of Carat Diamond has risen by 10%, and some high-quality diamonds have even exceeded 20%.
In other words, from the first half of this year to the present, the cost of getting diamonds for new people has increased by 20%.

Analysis of the shortage of diamond prices was released for the "mad long" diamond prices, the city's love diamond shop chairman Wan Zihong told reporters recently, in addition to the possibility of hot money speculation, the price rise of diamonds is ultimately due to global inflation and supply and demand conflicts.
For example, more and more new people are getting married in the past two years, and diamond rings have become the first choice for young people's wedding rings, which directly leads to diamond sales all the way up. The data shows that since the beginning of May last year, diamond consumption has increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and national diamond sales have exceeded 1 billion yuan.
Wan Zihong also stated that diamonds have seen a significant upward trend in the past two years. From this trend, supply shortages have led to the release of long-term undervalued diamond prices, and rising diamond prices will become an inevitable trend in the future.
According to public data from De Beers, the world’s largest supplier of rough diamonds, the company’s production in 2010 increased by 34%, and its planned annual production in 2011 and 2012 was 38 million carats and 40 million carats, respectively.
Despite the continuous increase in production, the market demand is still very large, which has become the main reason for the rising prices of diamonds, and diamonds have become "crazy stones."

Quote prices will also increase wedding ring or rose thousands of dollars this year coincides with the wedding season, getting together and getting married is common, and in the second half, good days is more than 30 or more.
According to the sales data of the city's love, sales of diamonds rose by 17% in the last month. The relevant person in charge of the city’s passionate love told reporters that the second half of the year is the golden age of diamond sales. The so-called gold nine silver ten, for the jewellery industry, the sales season is in the second half.
It is reported that in the second half of the year, the sales growth of all jewellery companies in Beijing should be 30%-50%.
According to industry sources, based on the current rise in the price of diamonds, although domestic diamond prices are still at a stable stage, it is likely that there will be substantial price increases in the second half of the year.
However, merchants also said that the rising cost will depend on the weight of the diamond. Generally speaking, the size of diamond rings that most consumers buy is generally 30 to 1 carat. Among them, a diamond ring of 30 to 50 points is suitable for normal wear. If it is used for marriage, it will buy a diamond ring of 50 to 1 carat.
From the perspective of the current price increase, the purchase of a small diamond ring less than 50 points, the impact does not have a large carat diamond ring. For example, a diamond ring with a size of 50 points, plus the discount of the merchant after the price increase, may be less than a thousand dollars.
However, if you buy a diamond above 1 carat, the increase may reach several thousand dollars or even tens of thousands.


Insiders pointed out that because diamonds are a necessary “feature” for marriage, the overall cost of marriage is very direct. The general newcomer to buy a wedding diamond ring will be purchased 1-2 months in advance.
As a wedding essential product, diamonds have been increasing prices. If you want to buy them, you must buy them early. For example, if a new candidate gets married in October, he can now buy a bare diamond to save it, and when it is time to make a product, it will save at least 20% of the cost.

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