China's high-end online shopping men's brand Masamasuo today announced that it has with the Chinese pop music annual event "Shenzhen TV" 2011 Chinese music Golden Bell Pop Contest (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Bell Award") reached a sponsorship cooperation, For the final contestants to create brilliant gorgeous awards dress, help Wang Sihui, Wang Xi, Mongolian hip-hop combination PTS, sunshine handsome combination of singing and dancing Halo sprint Gold Award, witnessed the grand ceremony of the grand prize moments. According to reports, the awards ceremony, Masamasuo designers will be finalists for the men's group players to create exquisite, brilliant presentation dress. Martha Marceau will be based on the proportion of players stature, combined with the player interpretation of style, usual clothing and other characteristics, tailored with clothing. The competition, Masamasuo will be designated as the only men's brand throughout the entire process, and many other well-known brands such as Europe and New Zealand share Golden Bell music chapter. At present, the activity has entered a climax phase. Wang Sihui, Wang Xi and other strength players as well as Mongolian hip-hop combination PTS, sunshine handsome singing combination Halo will be the peak showdown. The final will be at 19:30 on the evening of September 10, Shenzhen TV shocked live. 2011 China Golden Melody Awards pop music contest by the Chinese Federation of literary and art circles, the Chinese Musicians Association, the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department co-sponsored; Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group, Chinese Musicians Association of Popular Music Society co-host Chinese music The world's leading project, the country's major cultural brand. Meishan, vice president of Masa Masuo said, "This sponsorship Admiralty Award, designed to allow consumers to experience the entertainment experience of business and product culture concept.This is the first attempt to entertainment Samantha Martha, we and Admiralty prize cooperation, the main emphasis on contestants and the impact of the crowd and Masamasuo user level is more consistent, professional and fair evaluation, and interactive, program attention and so on. At present, the negative reports of television entertainment dramas such as sensational canvassing, vulgar speculation, lengthy procrastination, and black-box operations are repeated. In the face of all kinds of unspoken rules, the music golden bell is unique. This is closely related to the contest has a set of scientific and comprehensive selection system. Xia Feng, general director of this year's Admiralty Award, said the competition has a strict supervision system, one of the five professional reviews remain unchanged, leaving other judges constantly updated replacement, on the one hand to ensure a variety of aesthetic integration, At the same time to better prevent the shady. Meishan, vice president of Masamaso, said the Admiralty contest "the cleanest" as the bottom line, which coincides with the corporate social responsibility Masatarao. As a high-end online menswear brand, Masamasuo in the design, production, marketing, logistics and other links are guaranteed clean and transparent, there is no tricky behavior. In terms of price, we must be among the lowest quality products in the industry. In the same price, our product quality must be the best. As a well-known men's brand, Masamasuo always sticks to the concept of "supremacy of products and the supremacy of customers", and always pays attention to the perfect combination of product design and production in the process of development. In the design, to capture the latest international fashion elements, combined with the characteristics of Asian men's appearance, to create the exclusive Oriental Masamasuo luxury style. Three years after the founding of the company, a good brand image in the industry has been widely praised. According to the introduction of the Organizing Committee of the Competition, the Admiralty Festival featuring the concern and hope of the entire Chinese music community will be joined by many singers such as Han Hong, Tan Jing and Liu Huan. The top event in the Chinese pop music industry is also the event Clock Championship peak showdown - the three groups of gold, silver will be produced on the night of September 10

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