Such a beautiful season, how can we not wear a skirt too! Do not like the wind flying dress, simple skirt is a good choice, knee-length little skirt, just to enjoy your slender legs show. Step by step through the lively streets of light, walk in the lush fields, enjoy the exclusive trendy slow life, short skirts make you a little sexy and cute, how to ride will not be wrong.

艾米塔 - AMINTA

Small black skirt is the most common single product, it can easily hold all occasions to live, A word version with white lace splicing shirt, a black and white classic reproduction, simplicity without losing the fashion sense, high waist Design easily raise the waistline, showing tall body.

初秋季节短裙搭配什么上衣 蓝色包臀裙搭配什么颜色的上衣

Or such a tight package hip skirt, but also very suitable for office workers. Dark blue buttocks changed the coat into the past to wear the coat into the law, but chose a small bee waist type chiffon shirt, is also very elegant and generous, perspective embroidery gauze stitching sleeves even more sexy .

Credit : Amita- AMINTA Women's 2014 Fall Winter Collection

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