Small partners come to the welfare, do not seek playmate eleven, 11 National Day holiday for so long will not be boring anymore, the West Kou women opened another shop, West Kou women's Xinjiang Korla Department of Gateway Times Square October 1 Day grand opening, West Kou fans are not eager to do? Then quickly prepare it, eleven soon coming.

西蔻 - SIEGO

Siego women Kicerui Xinjiang Kerry Times Square store effect map

Kika women's Xinjiang shop map, renderings design This is the effect of looking down particularly tall on both sides of the door design, no matter which side you are shopping, you can see Xi Kou women, a large model area show , As well as the model on the edge of the door to show the near point is more broad, I believe the store's style will not let you down.

十一国庆节开业店铺 Siego西蔻女装新疆库尔勒汇嘉时代广场十一开业

Xi Kou women's consumer groups in the pursuit of new fashion between the ages of 25-40, personality, the unique taste of the dress of a female friend, the style of the basic colors combined with the season's latest popular color colors of the latest integration, the overall dress up to the highest Require women to understand step by step fashion sense.

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