Red agate is one of the most effective gemstones (digestive system, stomach pain), which balances positive and negative energy and eliminates stress and stress. Maintaining harmony between body and mind, enhancing love and loyalty, and at the same time, it has the effect of inspiring courage and making people's confidence and courage. It is also suitable for those who are weak or sick, or who have just recovered.

After the red agate is worn for a while, it is best to degaussing in order to better play its role. The Jintou Jewelry Network Xiaobian introduces the red agate degaussing method.

The defensive salt soaking method: The most standard method is naturally the defensive salt degaussing. The defensive salt is a neutral cleaning agent, so it will not have any corrosive effect on the red agate, and can be used with confidence. Method of operation: After disposing the ratio of 10 grams of defensive salt and 500 liters of water, remove the red agate bracelet and put it into the defensive salt. The soaking time is about 24 hours.

Crystal cluster degaussing method: Crystal cluster degaussing has always been one of the more common methods of degaussing. The crystal cluster can not only degauss the red agate, but also charge the red agate, remove the negative energy, and dig out the original effect of the red agate. And the crystal cluster has the function of automatic degaussing and automatic charging, which can maintain the best state. Just put the red agate on the crystal cluster for one night.

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