Liu Yufeng, a cleaning staff from Laishan Street, was faced with a "big pie" from the sky, a deposit of 80,000 yuan and gold jewelry. Without a slight heartbeat, he made a perfect reply with decisive action.

Liu Yufeng, who is more than 60 years old this year, is a cleaning staff at the Little Red Riding Hood property in Xie Village, Laishan Street, responsible for the sanitation work of the entire village. Recently, when cleaning the trash can, she found a bag with gold rings, pendants and 80,000 passbooks. Liu Yufeng is sure to be anxious to lose the Lord, and the best way to find the owner is to contact through the village committee. She came to the village committee and handed the wallet to the director of the village committee and explained the situation. The staff of the village committee used the ID card information in the wallet to seek help from the public security department and the acquaintance to find out the phone number of the owner. The next day, when the director of the village committee contacted the owner by phone, the owner was too excited to speak.

Liu Yufeng's family is not wealthy. Her husband is also a cleaning staff in the village. The two earn a monthly income of more than 1,000 yuan. However, Liu Yufeng went to the wallet but did not think about taking it for himself. She said that she was thinking about finding the owner as soon as possible, so that the owner would not worry, this is what everyone should do.

What kind of person is Liu Yufeng? Entering the Liu Yufeng family, you can see the certificate of the wall at a glance. It turned out that in addition to collecting money, there are still many good things she has done. Her husband was particularly proud to tell us the origin of the certificate: "This award is the Sichuan earthquake. I can't sleep at night. The wife said that I donated money. I said you donate it. If you donate it, donate it. one thousand!"

Liu Yifeng’s old-fashioned demeanor, everyone’s vision, they all admire them. In addition to donations to help the disaster area, the neighbors around the town have difficulties, Liu Yufeng is also generous. Uncle Uncle, who has a physical disability, often gets the help of Liu Yufeng. Xie Xiao told reporters: "Liu Yifeng is a neighbor of neighbors. I have been taking care of me. Since I was disabled, I have sent condolences to my annual festivals, giving me milk, fruits, eggs, noodles, millet; Look at me, my family was not rich. I was in my 60s this year. The old man had surgery before. She also had surgery and cared about me. I was really touched!"

Like the uncle who solves the uncle, Liu Yufeng also helped the four. She did not pay back. She felt that since others were in trouble, they should help. Liu Yufeng told us with practical actions what is true, good and beautiful.

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