Passionate summer has officially arrived, sweating dripping, the body slimy bubble soaked in the water is the most comfortable friends. Weekend fashion, about three or five friends, spend a cool afternoon together in the swimming pool, think all over music. However, to swim, of course, such a bathing suits and equipment. Then the swimsuit is not there clothing, underwear so many brands? Which brand of bathing suit is better? What brand of famous swimsuit? Today, Xiao Bian collecting for everyone, finishing the top ten swimwear brand, I hope for your choice to help Oh.

Brand Name: Speed ​​Biotao Speedo

Top Ten Brands in Swimwear and Top Ten in Swimming Goggles. Founded in 1928, Australia, the world famous bathing suit manufacturer, FINA long-term partner and sponsor, enjoys the title of "the most successful swimsuit in the world". Since its inception, the Speedo has had very deep roots in the Olympic Games. Olympic athletes have won a lot of glory in the Speedo swimsuit and become the pride of the Speedo.

Brand Name: Arina ARENA

ARENA is paying more attention to the needs of sports fans and the general public with the rise of domestic people's awareness of health, the rise of leisure time and other trend of the times and the diversification of swimming contents. After many years of development, ARENA continues to introduce the latest scientific and technological achievements into the fabric and cutting of swimwear. The main products include: ladies swimwear (one-piece swimsuits, one-piece swimsuits), men's swimwear, children's Swimsuit, swimming goggles and so on. At the same time the product is not only satisfied with the production of swimwear and other water sports, ARENA (Arina) gradually to the entire sports market development, the development of more fashion T-shirt, fitness underwear, sports series.

Brand Name: HOSA HOSA

Hosa (HOSA) is a well-known fashion and upscale underwear brand born in Hong Kong in the late 1970s. After nearly 30 years of development, HOSA is designed with the perfect qualities to meet the needs of sports and body comfort and fashion design As well as the product of humanistic care to become fashionable sports apparel and luxury underwear experts, from Hong Kong to mainland China and Asia until the global market, Hosa gradually become hot fashion sportswear and underwear brand has been more and more consumer support and trust.

Brand Name: Yingfa Yingfa

"British hair" - a familiar name for every swimmer, is a very well-known swimwear and goggles brand in today's sports world. It's accompanied by countless swimmers through the sweat and accomplishment. Mr. Chen Jinhui, the general manager of the company, is a national athlete who set a record in the national backstroke in the 1970s. As a general manager of national-level professional athletes, he can clearly analyze the different needs of each athlete, and designers are close to today The world's top swimwear design concept, so "British hair" also produced for different groups of swimming accessories, so that each swimmer can play the best performance at the competition.

Brand Name: Chau Ke ZOKE

As an advocate of "fashion and fitness", "ZOKE" Chau brand positioning as life-style sports brand, pay attention to fun, the pursuit of healthy fashion, the first in the fitness industry put forward the concept of "fashion fitness." "Fashionable fitness" is a kind of fitness concept with the purpose of improving the quality of life and shaping bodybuilding. "Do not deliberately pursue professional and rigorous fitness, stressing on the comfortable mood of physical and mental enjoyment. It is not limited to the gym and can sense fitness anytime. Bring the fashion charm; emphasize the "passion, confidence, pleasure" attitude to life, fully expressing their own personality; integration of international fashion elements and modern life style fitness clothing, fitness exercise more fashion, life.

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