[This site - shoes and life] sports shoes and travel shoes flat, plasticity, elasticity, play a certain role in the young people to run, jump, so many young people today like to wear. However, there are many shortcomings in long-term wear:

Due to the increase in temperature and humidity inside the shoe, the ligaments of the feet of the feet of the teenager tend to become loose and elongated, and the soles of the feet gradually become wider and become flat feet over time.

Most of the materials used for travel shoes are rubber, plastics, sponges, nylon, and canvas, which have poor ventilation. In this "closed" environment, sweaty feet are prone to reproduction and spread of fungi, resulting in skin diseases such as athlete's foot, dermatitis, and eczema.

Sports shoes or sneakers are a type of flat shoes. It does not guarantee that the body's center of gravity is evenly distributed throughout the soles of the feet, and that the body's muscles, ligaments, bones, and spine cannot be maintained in normal positions and working conditions. Changes in physical gravity of young people wearing sports shoes or sneakers, uneven distribution of foot forces, will affect the footwork. Long-term exposure to this unhealthy environment will affect the physical development of young people. (Cooperative media: shoe-like pictures of Orenburg men's shoes)

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