"Ghost" Wu Yingjie wearing ochirly five series Total Look, involved in Hunan TV series "Different Beauty" shot.

Starring together by the stars in the series of high ratings meteor shower Weekly drama "not the same beautiful man" is about to land at 22:00 on the evening of June 29, Hunan Satellite TV, "Youth Sunday", the wizard Wu Yingjie plays actress Tong Yu Chen live vividly The image, interpretation of the ochirly five series of modern style. ochirly take the lead to bring you the latest stills, this Sunday, look forward to it together.

ochirly Elegant series of dress, grass green short-sleeved shirt + Symphony printing umbrella skirt retro New Look, like a ray of summer breeze as fresh and moving.

Ocirirly Black Label series of small wedding ceremony witness the moment: hot and dazzling red as the love of passion and strong, silhouetted a simple and powerful fashion profile, bringing lasting elegance and beauty.


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