2012 witness will be the western festival of Shandong station has come to a successful conclusion, the wonderful activities presented ushered in the fashion colleagues and favorite genius of apparel consumers spoke highly of. November 17, 2012, the tour will be graceful in the "Sea Garden" Xiamen played, womens men will give the gifted fans of Xiamen a beautiful men's visual feast. The theme of "deformation meter" will be the West Cultural Festival, performing a strong lineup, gorgeous stage decoration. T station catwalk scene will be with the sound, color, light, electricity conversion, completely into a fantasy world. Here is the dream, here is paradise, the fantasy fairy tale world will appear here. At the same time, famous oil masters will also be invited to paint models on clothes and put on a wonderful "combination" of oriental Chinese elements and Western-inspired suits. On the day of the event, numerous media will also be invited to give you a visual gluttonous feast from many angles. It is understood that the West is the first product of the genius, is currently the first witness in the country put forward the concept of Western clothing enterprises. The genius "will West" design also stems from the genius of men has always been the heritage and innovative elements of China, the Chinese elements and western suit from the Western integration. It is with such a very different from other men's brand personality development, was able to let the genius have a through the Western-style fashion sensitive, find the suit for the West's core category of clothing imported into the Eastern conception of the core capabilities, successful innovation Derived the epoch-making category concept of "Xi Xi". Wets will be doomed to set off in the Chinese apparel industry features "casual" fashion craze, while greatly enhancing the cultural connotation of Chinese clothing. Interpretation of the wits will be more wits, is a manifestation of wisdom, is a suitable for men in different occasions, fashion dress, highlighting the confidence of men, to deal with wisdom, giving the true character of men and nature. Through the injection of Chinese elements such as Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum into the design concept of the Bianxi, the integration of Chinese and Western cultures has been truly achieved, enriching the unique western genre of genius. For the pursuit of self and the unique personality of the modern man provides a unique mood clothing experience. During the brilliant festival of "Bishi" in Xiamen on November 17, there will be a series of feedback activities for new and existing customers who buy mens wetswear. You also have the opportunity to get the generous prizes offered by the talented companies at the event site.

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