Modern Fong Lin underwear fourth series of new autumn and winter 2014 - Garden, exquisite Spiraea winding to show the ultimate luxury of a woman, strong appearance is embroidery quietly melted, winding and intertwined vine, hiding the temptation and sexy, a Unexpected encounter, met you noble and elegant ... ...

Delicate workmanship, exquisite embroidery, Li Xian multi-level sense of embossed effect, three-dimensional flower exquisite style, with ultra-fine mesh, highlighting the luxury of elegant aura, shades affordable color match to create a feminine elegance of noble temperament, strongly interpretation A woman's sexy charm!


Style: MP1S101
Color: Peony Turquoise Cup Type: 3/4 classic thickening cup size: 70-80A 70-85B
Selling point:
1.3 / 4 Classic thick mold cup design, suitable for the chest petite dress, the perfect palm breasts, concentrated breasts, a strong gathering in only a moment, so that breast milk from the poly-O together to create a sexy hot body.
2. cup noodles with roses embroidery, romantic and generous, chicken heart cute butterfly pendants removable, you can DIY into a beautiful brooch, simple and stylish.
3. Elevated ears ear design, play a very good role in the chest, the perfect Shoulong furs, to prevent fat leakage, while dispersing shoulder pressure, comfortable without pressure.
4 than after the U-shaped large back design, fixed back fat, prevent fat reflux, shaping the tall and straight chest.
5. Modern Fang unique G button is based on the balance of human body design and development of research and development, than the average 8,9 more effective balance between cup and after the ratio of stability, so that the shoulder strap is not easy to slip shoulder, and has detachable function.

Style: P1S103
Color: Peony Turquoise Cup Type: Low waist briefs Size: M-XL
Selling point:
1. Low-waist waist pants, according to the unique female body line design, tailoring just right, upper body effect more skin and comfortable, so that your hips naturally beautiful upturned, delightful sense of zero binding, let you easily walk no Le marks .
2. The front use of embroidery and gauze fabrics, rear panty mouth micro-bite flower tooth design, embellished in the underwear on the beautiful vivid, comfortable and not tight at the same time. Three-pin walking people, walking stitch smooth and beautiful, not easy to fall off, solid and durable.

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