" Parry show " brand is China's intellectual, fashion underwear brand in Guangzhou blossoming embroidered company and a well-known Korean brand in 2006 in Seoul, South Korea to create underwear brand. Parry show "to the urban white-collar women's life, working style as background, outlines the" intellectual, fashion, refined, independent, "the brand culture.


I believe the relentless pursuit of fashion and elegance of you, you will certainly know how to appreciate this limited edition version of our elegant black velvet underwear suit, not only can wear, but also to meet your fashion wild underwear Waichuan requirements. Classic U-shaped back design, effectively prevent the shoulder strap from slipping and dispersing back pressure. The bold use of silk hydroponics fabric plus ultrasonic flash sequins and three-dimensional magic chest pad technology, effectively shaping the female rounded nature of the chest curve so that the cup is more accepted by the public. Ultrasonic flash sequins and cup surface lotus leaf out with 2012 the most fashionable youthful underwear wave.

Fashion endowed with personality, never drift, so that every pursuit of fashion women's friends show exclusively for their own fly, personalized style is our solemn commitment to each consumer, but also to ensure that each Parry show lingerie members to join a small investment The premise of the big return. As long as you believe, we can do it.

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Plus Size Clothing

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