We are in the style, color, suitable for tangled, how to choose suitable for children's style? Betty lamb children wear suitable for children how to wear it? Many mothers will be small because of a child's childhood, to a large child to wear children's clothes, Xiaobian today to give you an analysis of what age suitable for children's wear. Betty lambs children's clothing is suitable for 3-12-year-old children wear, whether it is a small or a high, the best stage of children's wear is this period of time, 13 years old is considered a juvenile, mothers can choose juvenile equipment, Betty Lamb Children's clothing is suitable for young children and primary school students wear to this age group of children mainly emphasize the style, pay attention to the fabric for children's wear in line with age. Betty lambs children's wear fabric is, fine workmanship, the most important children's comfort at this age stage, this stage is also the key to development, Betty lambs children's clothing will be devoted to their children's clothing, with a new costume culture, Clothes and fashion to bring every well-dressed children for their parents, with comfortable, healthy care of every child.

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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Dyedtech

Voltage: 380V

Warranty:1 YEAR 

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Volt: 380v 

Phase:3 phase

Small Bobbin Zipper Winding Machine

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