Warmly celebrate the Distin Kidny Diskin Kai woman Sanmenxia store grand opening, the new store opened Xiao Bian hereby wish the business is booming, extra cash. The new year, Distin Kidny Diskin Kay continued efforts to open up a number of new stores, in order to Distin Kidny Disney Kay women's wear to create the most famous original designer brand new force!

迪斯廷.凯-DistinKidny 热烈庆祝Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯三门峡店隆重开业

Sanmenxia is located in the Central Plains Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of West Henan Province, the East and the Millennium Emperor Luoyang City, adjacent to the south according to Funiu Mountain and Nanyang City phase, west of the ancient city of Xi'an, across the Yellow River and San Jin echoes, is History of the three provinces at the junction of economic and cultural center. As early as ancient times, the ancestry of the Chinese nation lived and thrived here and created a splendid primitive culture. Sanmenxia City was an emerging city that emerged in 1957 along with the construction of Sanmenxia Dam, the first dam of the Yellow River. It is also the nearest city along the Yellow River in the Yellow River. In this historic city, Distin Kidny will bring more style and art to its heart. Sanmenxia women bring more fashion dress!

热烈庆祝Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯三门峡店隆重开业 热烈庆祝Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯三门峡店隆重开业

Now Distin Kidny Disco Kay Women Ladies 2014 spring has been listed, welcome to visit the vast number of consumers come to buy, relaxed and comfortable shopping environment; unique personality, stylish and elegant women's products; Kay women are looking forward to your arrival!

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