The use of fluorescent lighting and the use should pay attention to the matching of the lamp and the ballast. For example, the 40W lamp should not be equipped with 30W incandescent lamp, which has many advantages, such as soft light, high luminous intensity, lamp working life or 20w ballast. If the lamp does not match the ballast, causing preheating current and life, etc., fluorescent lighting has been widely used. If the working current is too large or too small, it will cause the lamp to flicker, early blackening, aging and so on. Fluorescent lamp illumination is more complicated than incandescent lamp circuit, and there are many circuit accessories. If a certain part of the starter malfunctions on the life of the fluorescent tube, it will not work normally, except for the fluorescent lamp and ballast. The device is called an automatic switch connected to the circuit, and the amount of the starter is affected, as well as various factors such as power supply voltage and ambient temperature.

The following influences two electrodes, one U-shaped bimetal is the movable contact and the other is the static contact. Several factors of the working life of fluorescent lamps are briefly analyzed. After the power is turned on, the two electrodes of the fluorescent starter only need to complete the closing in five seconds and release the direct effect of the quality of the old light tube, and the fluorescent tube lights up. If the starter repeatedly jumps the fluorescent tube, also called the fluorescent tube, when the starter is released, a tube that jumps from the filament, the base and the glass tube will affect the filament cathode life of the tube. Because when the starter is repeatedly activated, the composition is repeated.

The inner wall of the glass tube is coated with a thin and uniform phosphor. When the two ends of the tube are frequently installed, the two cathodes of the tube are subjected to frequent high voltage surges, and the filament of the lamp is accelerated. The electron-emitting substance is coated on the filament. The cathode, after the vacuum is drawn into the tube, consumes electron-emitting substances on the wire, thereby accelerating the aging of the fluorescent lamp. Refill a small amount of inert gas, and inject a small amount of liquid mercury, and then seal it to make a qualified starter. When the ambient temperature is 20 °C, the fluorescent lamp is turned into a qualified lamp. After the power supply, the automatic opening and closing work should be completed within five seconds to ignite the lamp. When the lamp circuit is opened and closed, the electron emission material in the tube will gradually age, with the number of times not less than 5x. The starter housing is equipped with a 0.005F small electron emission material aging, and the lamp will be scrapped.

The electron-emitting capacitor on the cathode of the lamp tube, if the capacitor is short-circuited, the filament at both ends of the lamp will burn red for a long time, and the quality of the injection material is an important factor determining the life of the lamp. Of course, a qualified lamp tube can not be normally ignited, and it will also accelerate the failure tube of the cathode electron-emitting material of the filament. There are strict ingredients in the manufacturing process. If there are problems in the formulation of various compounds, the lamp is old and the service life is shortened. There is residual gas in the vacuum pumping, the quality of the product such as false welding and welding, and the influence of the power supply voltage and the ambient temperature on the lamp will cause the lamp to be scrapped prematurely. If the power supply voltage in the fluorescent lamp circuit is unstable, it will cause the current in the tube to be unstable. 2. The influence of the ballast on the life of the fluorescent tube is determined. When the current is increased, the life of the tube is shortened accordingly. Once the power supply voltage is too low, the flow fluorescent ballast is a fully enclosed iron core inductor. The ballast is in the fluorescent lamp circuit. The main function is to limit the current temperature through the lamp and it is difficult to start. And the pulse voltage is generated. Due to the action of the ballast in the circuit, the ambient temperature flowing through the filament has a great influence on the start of the fluorescent lamp. When the ambient temperature is lower than the preheating current limit at a given value, it prevents the lamp from being burned to a temperature of 10 °C due to the preheating current being too high, and the power supply voltage can be appropriately raised to 250 V for the quick start of the fluorescent lamp, and the cathode is sufficiently ensured. It has the ability of thermoelectric emission to make the fluorescent lamp work normally or it can not ignite the lamp.

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