Men spend less on the mind with women than women. By the age, all kinds of parties to the occasion so that men have to dress decent decent. Men may be more focused on suits, shirts and even ties, often easy to ignore the shoes with. In fact, a small leather shoes is the highlight of men's taste Oh! Talent Men 2013 autumn and winter series of shoes in detail, a pair of good shoes not only comfortable to wear, but also embodies the self and confidence of a great tool. Wets Winter new shoes several leather cortex is classic, especially the first number of the first pair of the left from the close to the heel has been extended to the elastic side of the most bright side of the ankle, Chelsea boots comfortable, convenient and unique From this detail. Talent Men's 2013 autumn and winter series of shoes to choose and pay attention to the overall costume with. In formal occasions, men should only wear black or dark brown leather shoes; black leather shoes with black, gray, navy blue suit match, brown leather shoes with brown suit; white and gray shoes, only suitable for play wear, not Suitable for formal occasions. Men wear shoes regardless of their old and new, every day should be polished shoes, keep clean and tidy.

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