Fur is the most talkative topic in winter MM, this topic looks like never been tired, fur style has always been loved by the fashion MM, whether it is young, middle-aged and even elderly will have the pursuit of fur dress, which A sense of fashion is not beyond age, no matter what age, fur is a noble symbol of women.


Fur coat, fit in any occasion, a simple line outlines the general sense of fashion, light-colored fur style, take the dark gray loose knit sweater, layered knit dress style, that is, the female personality, and convex Out of the noble fur, which is a woman not to be backward dress, the grade of life can dress up.

什么款式比较显档次 皮草怎么搭配更好看

At the beginning of 2014, do you want to give the family a good state? Then you must wear enough decent, girls love face this is the most normal, whether it is seen old friends who have not seen for many years, or friends Friends, want people to see you all think you have become high-end atmosphere on the grade, a fur style, make you earn enough face in front of others, fur vest with black lace, lines and simple colors , Giving a generous fashion and very affinity.

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