White is a pure, non-polluting color, white clothing in every season there will be, whether boys or girls, white is an essential color for them in the winter white dress, white plush jacket Are absolutely hot, Mickey children's clothing with white clothing style. Mi Zhi children's clothing designed for 3-15-year-old boys and girls, with the quality of the international brand of environmentally friendly, lively and stylish clothing, so that Michelangelo children can bring, a noble temperament, but also let Mi Chi children surprise work, Simple lines, to bring a taste of children, a fashion, a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. White people will feel very comfortable, white is a cool color, more glamorous, white dress to take a black shirt, simple black and white, with the United States to completely take a white plush jacket A retro sleeveless dress, a very adult design, but also let the little girl earlier exposure to fashion.

Hivi yellow, Hivi orange and Hivi red

100% Polyester with TPU & fleece lamination

Waterproof 2000mm

Breathable,windproof,keep Safety 

1. Reflective tape 3M 8906 in the body and sleeve

2. Detachable sleeves design

3M 8906


Safety Workwear,Workwear Overalls,Work Uniforms,Work Trousers

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