Hurry, but also the end of the year, the end of the year, but also the beginning of the new year. In the end of the year, 1727 costumes "end of the year carnival, Hyun my clothes, double supreme discount" hot activities open to repay the majority of old and new customers on the 1727 apparel support and love. During the event, the audience 5 fold winter, shopping full specified amount, you can get a beautiful gift Oh! Activities from December 20 to January 5, an excellent opportunity not to be missed, see a palace announcement.


1727 brand was founded in Paris, France, and extensive cooperation with the local outstanding design team. It combines the Rococo art style of 1727 AD with the popular elements of 1727 in the early 18th century to create a brand new brand. Will be sweet and elegant young women, innocent vitality in a unique way into the style, the pursuit of fashion.

Retail price segment: main price of spring and summer 200-700 yuan autumn and winter main price 300-1500 yuan

Age Location: 20-35 years old

Men's Warm Thermal Underwear is our selling well products,the main fabric is made of 92%polyester,8%elastic.we have various kinds of styles for ur choice:men's underwear,women's underwear,children underwear ,if u need or interested in our products ,please tell us or conact us directly,we will try our best to do well as requested,anyother requirements,u can also tell me.we will according to ur requested to do.

Men'S Warm Thermal Underwear

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