Common crystal engraving meaning

Crystal carvings are generally allegorical, both with the name of the homonym, but also the shape of implied meaning, as well as the types of items implied. Let's take a look at some common symbols of crystal engraving.

1. "Stop now"

Chinese people think that monkeys are mascots. Because the Chinese character “monkey” is homonym with the word “hou”, the image of “monkey” in many drawings is the meaning of “sealing Hou”. If a monkey climbs up and hangs on a maple tree, it is called "Hai Hou Hang Yin"; a monkey rides on the horse and calls it "Stop Hou Hou"; two monkeys sit on a tree or a monkey rides on it. The other monkey is called "generational Hou Hou" on his back.

2. Zodiac Crystal

In the year of the New Year, people often find their own crystal ornaments. The zodiac sign together symbolizes all things and can be used to separate the zodiac signs of "triads" or "liuhe". Rats and cows, tigers and pigs, rabbits and dogs, dragons and chickens, snakes and monkeys, and horses. Sheep and other animals for the Lunar New Year.

3. Religious Crystal

The Guanyin and Buddha carvings in the crystal can be described as dazzling. King of treasures, Maitreya, and God of Wealth all have the symbol of wealth. Guanyin is a symbol of peace and peace. Guan Dijun, Zhong Kui, Dharma and King Kong have the symbol of exorcising evil spirits in the town house, the villain, the cause of fame and justice. The Eighteen Arhats and the Eight Immortals also have the symbol of the evil of the town house and the prosperity of the city. The Buddha Buddha has the symbol of holy homeowners. Tang Sanzang has a symbol of fortitude.

4. Lotus type crystal

The Buddha seat is also known as a rosette, and it is not muddy in the mud. It is straight and straight in the middle, and it is not a demon, but it is a gentleman. Together with the plum blossom, it means harmony and beauty. Together with the squid, it means more than a year.

5. Peony Crystal

Endless charming, elegant and elegant, color, fragrance, rhyme set the United States a "peony, flower rich people", "colorful Tianxiang" "flower blossom" symbolizes prosperity, happiness and peace. The wealthy peony and the bottle symbolize wealth and peace. Peony and the stone or plum constitute a "long life precious" or "valuable marriage"; peony and magnolia are painted together to symbolize "Yutang precious" as a valuable home; peony and fish are painted together and called "expensive".

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