Lead: Trend analysts from Trendstop.com said that with the approach of the cold season, from the perspective of the trend themes of the sea decks and X-rays, it shows that the cool blue tones have been widely used in autumn/winter 2014/15 women's color trends. Applications. Whether it is clothing or accessories that show a fresh, cold chic, this hue will make seasonal updates of the clothing show the future of cool and elegant.



X-ray blue clothing

This powdery purplish-blue color infuses a spiral of energy into the overall feeling of autumn and winter. It looks particularly mature in a clean, needle-sweeping silhouette. Acne's long coat looks at least light and effortless, and Andrew Gn's top features a fluttering asymmetric sleeve to create a new dynamic. Aina Beck matched the shape of the sports stripe on the loose fabric.


X-ray blue accessories

In the work, with seasonal dark clothing and X-ray blue jewelry, it is a perfect accompaniment, and it can express the appeal of fashion and modernity. Carven leads the trend with a variety of unusual designs, from quirky Futurist glasses to cumbersome ankle boots, in contrast to thick soles and architectural fish-shaped bags.


Sea deck blue clothing

This bright, neutral blue glow exudes a revival of chemical energy, and it gives a unique and futuristic feel to the coloring design. Sportmax adds neoprene to the coat and contrasts with a collar or black rim to add fun. Emilio Pucci added warm and casual blue wool to his classic style.

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