The bedroom is mainly a place for sleep and rest, sometimes restricted by living conditions, and used for work or friends and relatives. Bedroom lighting is mainly composed of general lighting and partial lighting.

First, the general lighting of the bedroom

The general lighting atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet, warm, pleasant, soft and comfortable. Those shining, colorful lights are generally not suitable for installation in the bedroom. Due to the age, culture, and hobbies of the host, there are differences in the perceptions and standards of comfort and warmth, and the requirements for the lighting style of the bedroom are also different.

At present, the popular styles of bedroom lighting are:

1, quiet and comfortable

This is the main trend of contemporary bedroom lighting. There are a variety of options: you can choose a simple ceiling lamp, the milky white light, and the bedroom's light-colored walls, a piece of pure; can use the light illumination, so that the light is reflected through the ceiling or the wall, very soft and pleasant It is also possible to install a recessed ceiling light with a residential wall lamp, which makes the direct light of "Starry Sky" and the auxiliary light of "朦胧" complement each other, and is more elegant and warm.

2, luxurious style

Shows the owner's financial strength and identity, using high-grade materials, high-end lighting and indoor luxury arrangements. Such as the golden candle lighting with Baroque style furniture, can show the French court weather, magnificent, brilliant. If you use high-quality mahogany lamps with meticulous workmanship, exquisite materials and exquisite styles, and quaint mahogany furniture, it will be extraordinary, showing the strong national and economic strength of the owner.

3, modern avant-garde

Pursue freedom and randomness, blending geometric figures and lines into new urban lamps, breaking through traditional concepts and embodying forward consciousness. The wall lamp on the wall can be triangular, diamond-shaped, or irregular; the table lamp on the table can be semi-circular, straight-lined; the spotlight has angular black and white; the ground lamp extends its arms like Flying birds, everything looks simple and chic, giving people surprises and surprises. Coupled with simple bedroom furniture, it shows the ingenuity of modern people. Because the bedroom often has two functions of rest and work, it needs low illumination during rest and sufficient illumination when working. In order to meet the requirements of the two lighting functions, two methods can be adopted: one is to install a high dimmer to control the brightness of the lamp; the other is to switch the various lamps in the room, and determine the number of lights to be turned on as needed.

Second, the partial lighting of the bedroom

Partial lighting facilities must be considered in the bedroom, mainly:

1, desk lighting. The illuminance value is above 300LX, and it is generally illuminated by writing desk lamps.

2. Read the lighting. Many people like to rely on journalists' newspapers and newspapers before bedtime, so consider using table lamps or wall lamps. The table lamp is characterized by its mobility and flexibility. The table lamp itself is a work of art, which can give people a beautiful enjoyment. The light can be used to draw beautiful dynamic lines on the wall through the lampshade. The advantage of wall lights is that the light is softened by the reflected light from the walls.

3, dressing lighting. The illuminance should be above 300LX. The vanity mirror lamp usually adopts the warm-light type luminaire. The light source is suitable for incandescent lamp or tri-color fluorescent lamp. The lamp is installed above the mirror and is outside the 60-degree solid angle of the field of view to avoid glare.

4, reading lighting on the sofa, often using floor lamp lighting. It should be specially pointed out that since the electric light source in the lighting is hot and charged, from the safety point of view, the lamps installed in the children's bedroom must have a certain height, so that the child can not directly touch the light source, and it is even more difficult to place the table lamp in the children's bedroom. Removable luminaire.

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