Leads: The 2014/15 fall/winter women's color forecast released by Color Solutions International shows four color themes: Fall, New Urban Artist, Pink World, and Qima. Key colors include: colorful berry red, inspired by the Slavic winter folk art theme, relaxing and dreamy fall colors, deep and saturated modern colors, mixed with rich cherry red and pink, very autumn style.



The various forms of beauty from the natural and organic world can be called the rhythmic flow pattern of romantic flowers. It is so close to nature that it is integrated and makes the theme of “Autumn” so popular and treasured. Slightly relaxing colors, but very beautiful, with a sense of fantasy and ambiguous atmosphere, quite a bit of Art Nouveau style and design.


New City Artist

They all have different options, but they also value the value of creativity. They are fascinated by the life they see from different angles. They observe the city and all kinds of faces, and their inspiration continues to flow. From ordinary people's stories to underground art, they are brilliant. They are new city artists and poets. They not only have freedom, but also a sincere heart and the spirit of breaking the convention. Mellow red wine and dusty purple, peacock and cobalt blue, bright mint and turquoise, soothing the silence of coal gray and bare beige, while enhancing the green acidity, forming a modern and Avant-garde sense of tone.


Pink world

In the middle of the season, it is natural to decorate itself with golden colors. Pink is a big surprise. Pink is tempting and exciting, and it's fun to wear it. For traditional seasonal shades, pink is a sweet choice. Pink whisper about love - love yourself, love what you do, love every passionate tomorrow! Pink is so interesting, and who else will not move? Splash cherry and pink These rich colors are beautifully decorated in autumn and bring joy to the senses.



The decorative art of Russia is the inspiration behind the "Zima" with its vibrant folk prints - flowers, fruits, leaves and whimsical birds. The name "Zima" comes from Slavic "winter". Rich berry red, forest green and emerald color are the focus of the entire palette. Blue is soft and even a bit dusty, creating a feeling of comfort and elegance, while the harmony of neutral colors adding beautiful balance colors enhances the vitality of red.

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