July 11-13, the flourishing textile industry in southern China's largest - "Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Fair" will be grandly opened in Shenzhen. China Oriental Silk Market Fabrics Alliance Enterprise Pavilion (hereinafter referred to as "East Pavilion") from Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu province once again led the way, including nine well-known flax yarn and linen fabric research and development, production and marketing enterprises such as Jiangsu New Shanghai Group 9 High-quality textile enterprises to participate in this textile fair, mutual exchange and cooperation, to promote interaction in the industry to create more business opportunities, and actively explore the domestic market. The "Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Fair" will bring together more than 2,500 apparel companies and nearly 1,000 fashion brands, relying on Shenzhen, this international fashion high-end clothing gathered in the treasure, integrating Zhongshan, Shaxi, Huizhou and other clothing industry cluster resource advantages , Jointly explore the textile consumer market in southern China. Not only this, but also ushered in this exhibition in Europe, South Korea, India and many other foreign exhibitors, once again proved that China's domestic market, and even the South China market is promising, there is great potential for development, attracted numerous overseas companies attention. Baotuan set off - the East Pavilion Mission South under relying on silk Shengze Ze strong textile industry base, the East Pavilion has become an important international and domestic market, a new force in the textile industry, active in major domestic and international exhibitions, with science and technology, Fashion, environmental protection and other multi-functional popular fabrics, Oriental textile industry to become a first-class level on behalf of the important aspect, dominate. The East Pavilion brings together Shengze and its surrounding important silk, hemp and other textile fields leader, Baotuan expedition, represented in Shenzhen, South China this important garment production and fashion apparel consumer market, "Oriental Pavilion "The beauty of textile enterprises one by one presented to the majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers of terminal apparel, in the show, share, exchange and win more opportunities for cooperation. Among them, Shinsengumi Group, represented by hemp spinning enterprises, will present the charm of fashionable linen fabrics in a unique way and win the good mass foundation of the merchants in South China market. Innovative display - from the fabric to experience the transformation of the new application of linen fabrics Shengze and many textile companies with the formation of the "East Pavilion" is about to enter the South China market, into the "Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Fair." This issue of new linen will be with many South China and overseas businesses to share green fashion linen fabrics, and previous exhibitions are different in the show, the new application of linen will be simultaneously launched a new linen fabric exhibition under the new concept of important achievements. Through the new group of internal application of fashion fabrics designers, apparel designers and domestic fashion designers exchanges and cooperation, will be a different styles of linen spot fabric popular "hemp element" cleverly by the hand of designers, through the trend of style Evolution, change out of a piece of great fashion trend of linen clothing products, vividly demonstrated the new application of "linen element" linen spot fabric charm. At the same time, the new application will further communicate with and exchange views with visitors and merchants in the exhibition to promote "advanced customization" of new linen to meet the demand of fashion apparel fabrics from all kinds of brand apparel manufacturers. Together to achieve more high-quality flax terminal clothing look forward to and look forward to. Actively share - push linen culture The new application of linen not only in the fabric of bold innovation on display, in the promotion of flax culture also spare no effort. Flax fabrics, linen clothing, linen and other home textiles to bring the future quality of life an important way of life-oriented, and share some of the key flax end brands and flax terminal results. During the exhibition, Shin Shin linen will interact, exchange and exchange ideas with flax lovers, designers and terminal brands at home and abroad through sharing to achieve fashion sharing, creative collision, spiritual exchange and cultural communication Finally, consumers, flax terminal brands, fashion designers and linen fabric enterprises will form a green and benign ecological lifestyle interaction, forming a strong flax culture cohesion and opening up the entire path of the consumer market, terminal manufacturing and upstream textile industry, Promote the domestic market of linen active. Intention to domestic sales - South China market opportunities for development Over the years, Shin Shin Group continued to participate in major international and domestic exhibitions to share the new application of linen fabrics important achievements at the same time, hemp industry associations adhere to the domestic market to promote domestic linen gradually achieve 50% of domestic sales target Desire and continuous efforts. This exhibition, the first is to see this important southern China flax domestic market, followed by fancy Expo Expo in the country and the world's influence and appeal. Shenzhen is adjacent to a large number of high-end garment manufacturing industry clusters. There are Huizhou and other famous fashion boutiques known for their casual fashion. Zhongshan and Shaxi are famous for their fashionable and fashionable men's wear. However, the past and future trends of linen fabrics are both emphasized and relaxed, Apparel manufacturers can form a good interaction, increase more opportunities to promote the further development of the linen domestic market. Guangdong, Hong Kong and other places have strong spending power on popular fashion. For those areas where the quality of life is more natural, environmental protection and health are more concentrated, linen apparel and linen products can form strong living values ​​under the spread and promotion of flax culture And spending habits, as the domestic sales of flax to South China has a profound impact.

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