Hot summer, cute posture. I enjoy you with a taste of fashion style. I wish the lovely posture .Is the city of Suzhou business district, modern department store in Guangzhou (holy places shop), Haikou Parkway, Xi'an SEG International Shopping Plaza, Yingde Yihua Department Store, Zunyi Parkson Department Store, Xinjiang Changji Hui Jia era, Nanchang Liantang Department Store Building, Sanya Street shops and other stores opened, the business prosperous.


Lovely posture. Yi Yihua Department Store

"COCCI can pose. Iraq" interaction of fashion and emotion, in the art space, through the designer's fashion decomposition and reorganization, people naturally feel the classic culture of its brand, elegant. In addition to the design, the clothing material "COCCI can pose. Iraqi" is also under the foot of effort, most of the fabrics are from South Korea and Europe, with excellent fabric mid-range price of women has been "COCCI posture. Iraq" Persistence of purpose.

恭祝COCCI 可姿.伊全国多家新店开业大吉

Lovely posture. Yi Yihua Department Store

"COCCI can pose. Iraq" so harsh on the material, in fact, stems from its service to a specific group of people - those taste of fashion women, they have a good sense of the trend, both career and family, with an open international thinking, Individuality; elegant temperament, so attractive charm represents the global integration of a new generation of Chinese women under the overall image of fashion.

COCCI joining conditions:
1, the contract deposit: 10,000; if the contract does not renew after the expiration of the security deposit without interest refund.
2, supply discount: 3 fold. A good store zero inventory A department store affiliates.
3, the shop requirements: franchisee store area of ​​not less than 60 square meters; shopping malls area not less than 50 square meters

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