Customize a gold inlaid jade and you can say "whisper" with it (Figure)

Yang Genlian introduced Jin Yu Xuanwu pot. Reporter Li Fukai

According to the Jianghuai Morning News, at the beginning of winter, I saw Jingying, and I was looking at Wenrun for a long time; I felt refreshed and felt warm for a long time; this is jade. Yesterday morning, Yang Genlian, the master of Chinese arts and crafts and the founder of contemporary gold inlaid jade crafts, joined the work as the first flagship store in Anhui, and told the story of him and jade.

Chinese people have always preferred jade. Some people say that jade is the closest gem to the Chinese people's mind. Perhaps the charm of jade lies not only in its own brilliance, but also in the affection created by the creation or the user.

In the craftsmanship, gold inlaid jade is a symbol of wealth and peace. Gold is a glory, jade sin is introverted, and gold and jade have complemented each other since ancient times. Above the temple, Wenwu Baiguan "the robes bring Jinyu, Shanshan touches the sound"; within Zhumen, the big family people use the "golden jade edge" to describe the marriage of men and women.

“Golden jade is gorgeous and eye-catching, paying attention to the word 'inlaid'. The old artists used glue in the Qing Dynasty, but for a long time, the gold wire will easily fall off the surface of the jade.” In order to make the natural jade natural, Yang Genlian needs to be in the jade The surface is engraved with a narrow groove that is completely consistent with the width and thickness of the gold wire. After the groove is grooved, it is necessary to continuously strike the gold wire so that the gold wire can be tightly embedded in the jade groove without external force.

"The stone of his mountain can attack jade", the jade texture is famous for hard jade, and the delicate gold wire is soft and easy to break. In the process of carving and knocking, the jade will be sold without paying attention. "Isn't the ancestors left with craftsmanship? We brought the concept of jade personal customization to Hefei, just want to tell everyone the jade that is customized for you. Only you can talk to it after wearing it. It’s none of you."

"There was a jade identification in the Song Dynasty!" When talking about the jade identification, Yang Genlian pointed out that the jade ring that he wore, "Buddha Eight Treasures", said that for the common people, the insurance method of judging is based on jade, knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge. False, literate, literary, dynasty, valuation, such an order.

Just like the jade ring in your hand, the first is to know jade, to see if the color is round and watery; then to know the work, to distinguish between old workers and new workers; then to know and see if the twilight is true or false; Have you made any false marks? If the jade is Hetian jade, the work is an old worker, the twilight is also good, and there is no trace of making a fake. At the very least, this is a true ancient jade, which has a collection value. Then carry out literacy, characterization, dating and valuation to determine what is the dynasty, the value of geometry.

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