Bangji deer fashion spring and summer 2013 new full listing! Spring and summer of 2013, Bangji deer to absorb the popular elements of the countries in Europe and the United States, comprehensive differences in the North and South regions of mainland China, to guide the fashion, full of child character! In the design of specifications, starting from the principle of ergonomics, using three-dimensional shape accurate measurement, in the processing technology, using the world's most advanced level of cutting technology and production lines to ensure that each child's clothing cut decent, simple and smooth, fine workmanship and more comfortable to wear . For color, "Bangji deer" will be fresh, crisp, elegant green color as a basic color, together with the popular highlights as a decoration. Childlike cute strap dress, with a patchwork of flower pattern to fill the entire skirt, slightly cute lotus leaf edge, with black leggings, Super Meng super pure. Boys wear a classic polo shirt to create a handsome representative of the small people, colorful stitching and double tailoring, with dark gray casual pants, creating a small wave of Van! Bright yellow T-shirt with enough saturation and brightness to attract passers-by sight, watercolor printing to create romantic art, with white slacks, naive and lovely fashion at the same time. The right girls wear this summer is the most popular piece of pants elements to enter the field of fashion, personalized pattern printing, with double flounced collar, stylish and comfortable, nice! Bangji deer spring and summer 2013 fashion show conference link video:

Kids Slippers of JNPFOOTWEAR are not simply small size of adults. Although they looks same in out looking, we adjust the last and out sole shape specially for our kids slippers collections. Cause , kids feet are different as adults.

As parents, we hope all our kids could grown up healthily. As shoe makers, we could start from a pair of kids shoes comfortable and fit for our kids' feet.

Every kid have their favorite, maybe animals or others.  My boy loved a pair of faux rabbit fur kids slippers, and even do not want to take off at home.  So we are willing to develop more cute winter kids slippers, wish they will love to wear a pair of cosy warm kids slippers in the cold winter season. Not just running everywhere with bare feet in cold weather.

Kids Slippers

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