This is a men's brand of advertising, but it is also a fashion elite man on the elegant, atmospheric style. Wonderful speech, piano playing gracefully, coat for his girlfriend, umbrella to strangers ... "+" among them. Abandon the sparse, restore the truth, nine animal husbandry King creative concept, beautiful picture, unique music, to calculate the man's elegance. The actor crossed the long corridor confidently, the flash flashed on his face from time to time, and later he made a wonderful speech at the center of the stage. At the jazz bar, the actor took off his coat gracefully and sat down with the band before playing the piano, For friends, "less boring"; actor and girlfriend wandering the streets in the Chinese lantern, he took off his coat for his girlfriend, blocking her in the night chill; sky heavy rain, no umbrella hand holding the document young Standing in front of the office building waits for the rain to stop, an elegant figure propped up by an umbrella appears and he gives his umbrella to the young man without hesitation at the door. Four scenes, the man's elegant performance most vividly, and bring out the actor in different occasions decent, the perfect dress. Following the "point, line, surface" pants commercials in the CCTV release, aroused enthusiastic response, the nine animal husbandry King in August launched a new brand commercials - "elegant gentry equation", with "addition, subtraction and multiplication" concept, Caller man elegant. Elegance, both internal and external, is not just a decent person to wear; equations, methodologies, are men's guidelines for the practice of elegance. The brand "Nine Mu Wang" not only pursues the concept or surface fashion of a simple middle-class lifestyle, but rather hopes that men can cultivate culture and ritual morality from within and can be rigorous, humorous and enthusiastic on different occasions and objects. "+ Calm, - indifference, gentle x, ÷ indifference" vividly show the spiritual world and code of conduct of "elegance gentry" of King Joye by all aspects of life. Nine animal husbandry, the western gentleman spirit and social, wearing ceremonies into the Chinese middle class life. Shanghai filming In the scene of the filming of the "Elegant Gentle Formula" advertisement by Shanghai JiuMin Wang, Ms. Zhao Yufeng, the chief designer of JiuMinWang accepted the interview with mainstream media such as "GQ JI", "Bazaar" and "Bund Pictorial". On the "elegant gentleman" concept of dress and "elegant gentleman equation" way of dressing, Zhao told reporters, fashion editors explain. Nine animal husbandry king men "elegant gentry formula" blockbuster launched "coat, suit, trousers" with the combination of such a quantitative mathematical concept to analyze the nine animal husbandry, the fashion and elegance of the king. "We want to make everyday collocation more simple and practical through an intuitive way of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In fact, each person's own aesthetic preferences and behavior patterns have their own laws, 'elegant gentry equation' allows men They find a real match for their own law, it is men's elegant practice of combat guidance. "Zhao said. Now that the fashion media mentions elegance, it seems that it is reminiscent of "England" or the gentleman of the West. The "Elegance Scholars" theme of the promotion of the Jow-dei King used the "official" by the side of the individual. Zhao told everyone that " In addition to Gentlemen in the general sense of the act, he also hopes to convey a unique Chinese culture. "The elegant gentry of the nine animal husbandry King" is more graceful and courteous, internally and externally, full of demeanor and charm. " : "Men's elegance from the inside out, the pursuit of the inherent, the external requirements, calm and calm, Zhang Chi-ming." Every person's way of life or have different, but to achieve the realm of grace, but there are laws to follow . This rule is not only the principle of gentlemen's dress matching provided by the Nine-Horses, but also the spiritual principle of the behavior of the man in the Nine-Horses. No need to calculate life, grace can be calculated. This is the elegant gentry formula, nine animal husbandry and elegant cultivation of the king. Everyone has a different interpretation of elegance, it seems in the nine animal husbandry, elegant men need internal and external. Speaking from the outside, he needs to be well-dressed, gentleman's behavior, and more importantly, inner self-cultivation and spiritual principles. Elegant man can not be separated from the coat, suit and trousers. With the launch of the new commercial "Elegant Gentshi Formula" to meet with consumers across the country, the latter will launch the strong promotion of "Elegant Gentlemen" as the core theme in the second half of this year. The selection of the Ambassador of "Elegant Gentlemen" 2012 is an important one of them One of the activities. Online and offline, advertising and activities echo each other, will form a huge promotional efforts to boost the "Jiuhe Wang" brand to a new level.

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