J-Yes is a young American women's brand , from the World Fashion Center - New York, founded in 1969 by the famous American fashion designer JIM, has been deeply loved by the pursuit of freedom, passionate young women.


The concept of J-Yes is a sense of freedom, confidence, passion, youth, and a clear sense of the times. It is in line with the mentality of pursuing the freedom and self-esteem of the 21 young real women. The brand itself is full of confidence in life, with a youthful young mentality, showing the new era of women's fashion personality and passionate life style.

J-Yes品牌女装 演绎当代女性的性感与气质

J-Yes follows the fashion elements of Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, inheriting the classic vitality of the fashion concept. Designers will be the era of artistic inspiration to delicate details of the process of interpretation of women's freedom and youthful beauty, bold and avant-garde color with a perfect detail embellishment to highlight the modern women's sexy and confident beauty, the perfect interpretation of their hearts Dream, the achievement of urban women in the pursuit of freedom, self-confidence, self-style. Simple, stylish, passionate style of interpretation of the contemporary women's sexy and temperament. J-Yes will also continue its free, confident story, enduring.

Feature: Extremely durable, soft touch and super absorbent  

Material: 100% cotton, 32s/2, 21s/2, 21s, 16s, 14s, 10s         

Size: 30*30cm, 35*75cm, 40*80cm, 70*140cm, any size you want                                                                                                    

Color: any color you want                                                              

Weight: 300-600gsm                                                                    

Logo: 1. Printed logo, 2. Embroidered, 3. Jacquard/Embossed logo                                                                                                 

Usage: Home, Hotel, Plane,                                                        

Age Group: Adults                                                                       

Packaging: Opp bag, mesh bag, or custom                            

MOQ: 500PCS for current patterns, 5000PCS for custom patterns                                                                                            

OEM / ODM available  

Cotton Towel

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