In general, military uniforms are generally considered to meet the needs of war, fitness, solidity, ease of action, favorable intimacy and so on. In ancient times, the armed forces opposed to each other and also considered the might of great might to overwhelm the enemy. The image of the army at this time was also very important. Now the army guard of honor, not only Zhuang Junwei, but also Zhuang Guowei, uniforms can not be underestimated. However, people rarely think of uniforms are closely follow the fashion trend, uniforms style, color, accessories and so on are always the same style with an era of clothing. Even in the same era, the length of military uniforms, fat and hats and hat shape, fabric, etc. are also changing with the trend. In the Tang dynasty, China was politically stable, its people prosperous, and men's and women's costumes were very particular. Therefore, the generals of the Tang Dynasty clothes, it simply called luxurious. Currently only from the Tang Dynasty paintings, stone statues and tomb figurines, we can see that the uniforms really beautiful. Dignified military commander, gold helmet bright armor, but the battle dress is a blossoming, colorful, three-dimensional decoration is both angry head teeth, and flowers decorated with floral knots, each detail is very delicate gorgeous. In the Song Dynasty, there was a flood of Neo-Confucianism. Under the circumstance of "saving nature and desiring humanity," people tend to dress in simpler style while gold ornaments tend to be less. Thus, the military uniform is also simple, since the armor modeling, a body decoration and accessories, etc., all advocating frugal, elegant. In the same year, Yuan Wenzi, a writer of the literary genre, said: "But we must be clean and not to be alienated." Western history, Napoleon stress clothing gorgeous well-known, the eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century French indeed dress the most creative. In the book "Rose France," a book is described: "The French in the early 19th century under the leadership of Napoleon passionate, and then fierce fighting can not deny their artistic nature, the mud will not stay in the Guards officers and men flawless Of the leggings, the blood will not allow the light cavalry to discard the high cap on the flat cap decorated heavy cavalry helmet and breastplate always lighten, the infantry blue tuxedo always straight ... "At that time the French soldiers, Known as both a peacock, but also an eagle. In modern military uniforms, we are more likely to feel the power of this fashion. One of the helmets, such as a military cap, has been changing. Seeing the dark, semi-circular helmet appears to be the most orthodox in the mid-20th century, the color is now transformed from pure black, pure white to camouflage, and its shape resembles flat. This can be said that based on the battlefield needs, but it must not ignore the impact of fashion. In the trend of the times, uniforms will never stagnate. Berets are used by peacekeeping forces all over the world. For a time, the red beret has become a symbol of peacekeeping. The shape of Beilei cap directly from the fashion, under the guidance of fashion, uniforms always try to keep up. The uniforms of the Chinese People's Liberation Army have been updated frequently after the reform and opening up. Our officers and men are even more magnificent and mighty, yet they also have the same style of the times. The so-called more and more foreign, in fact, is the result of convergence with the world. 65-style military uniforms are quite simple, the head of the dome before the liberation cap, the Red Army in front of the year Red Star; uniforms collar casual clothes, then there is no dress that. The uniforms of the civilian casualties lead one red collar with the same red flag. Below the rank of soldiers in the jacket only two pockets, four pockets above the level. Women's military uniform and men's military uniform is basically the same, but the collar is a small suit. All feet are canvas shoes green rubber shoes. This period, the national dress is like this. When the 300,000 young people went to the countryside for work in the mountains, they basically had the same captainage as the uniforms and the uniforms. 85-style, 87-style military uniforms have been a large shell and hat, Army officers and men with a large rim on the edge of the rim with red, coupled with glittering hat emblem, is not comparable to the past. Although the coat is still uniform collar, but the collar flower, epaulettes have been very particular, the commander of the uniform and metal buckle, uniforms are more and more stiff, more and more prestige military image; look female soldiers uniforms, military artillery service, anyone will feel , Uniforms are synchronized with the fashion. As far as fashion is concerned, uniforms can not be excluded from civilian clothes.

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