Hong Kong women's brand WISDOM & B 2012 summer new listing. This quarter of the skirt through the low waist and unrestricted relaxed to reflect the sense of space, making the simple and light fabric made of simple and elegant dresses and phase contrast handbags with evening gowns charm. WISDOM & B emphasize the elegance of casualness.

贞智美 - WISDOM&B

Fine tucking, can give the fashionable ordinary cotton fabric a nostalgic handicraft style. These folds are common on every layer of skirts, skirts or suits, adding to the bustle of urban life with a warm country atmosphere, the new millennial women have realized the importance of living environment, and will reflect this from clothing a little.

WISDOM&B女装 随意中流露出的优雅气质

These skirts have a light and transparent layer of embedded layers, clever use of elegant fabrics, in the hot magenta, purple, yellow and orange and oriental colors in the individual reflects the intensity of complex pleats and flipper both Do not hinder freedom of movement, but also add a sexy charm for women.

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Men's Bead Bracelet

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